The barriers are used for interlocking heavy-duty frameworks formed for the ultimate anti-vehicle perimeter protection. These are easy and quick to install on the work site and consider ideal for edge protection, rock fall, site security, floor defense, and various temporary works. They create a distance between people or regular traffic and between the work areas. Al Safrik Steel designs, manufacture, and install these barriers, rails, gates, railings, and others for security purpose. You can access these high-quality barriers, bollards, and handrails for your construction site in all states in the UAE.

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Which types of Barriers are we making?

The barriers we produced are famous for controlling the crowd in different ways. These are designed with a modern material that is durable and solid for long-term use. We transformed our products with best technologies that come out with modernism. It offers efficiency and availability of the system. Adding crowd control barriers to any location is helpful to show professionalism and decrease management effort. It provides extra security, and it is the tool that helps get additional protection and control large gatherings formally.

We manufacture these barriers per the workshop, construction sites, factory area, or other sites where everyone should not enter without any reason. Our expert engineers go through finishes, materials, and designs to make them easy to use for you.

Barrier B420:

This heavy-duty barrier is suitable for high-frequency and high-security access locations. Its side mount allows the anti-pedestrian skirts to be fitted along the full length without any gaps.

  1. Bespoke designs to suit all applications.
  2. Arm mechanism and vandal-resistant cabinet
  3. Extremely reliable control unit with general capabilities interface
  4. Trouble-free and powerful electro-hydraulic drive
  5. Aluminum, double lattice, and full-height skirt for high security

Barrier B411:

It is an electro-hydraulic barrier with an efficient and strong operation. These are ideal for vandal-prone sites and good for the traffic control system you need for your workshop, factory area, construction site, industrial site, and commercial and military applications.

  1. Completely capable of integration with present control systems
  2. The reliable and simple fully configurable control unit
  3. Beam length up to nine meters
  4. Continues operation and electro-hydraulic

Concrete Barriers:

These are ideal for highway projects. This type of barrier is a temporary shelter that saves the crew, workers, and machines from traffic. It helps keep tools within the workplace.

Metal Barriers:

These are lightweight and economical yet durable. Due to the metal or steel fabrication, they are very easy to install for a long time. It provides shelter and divider from the other items. They are ideal for alerting people and traffic that this is a working area.

Guard Rails:

It is useful for construction safety and used on different worksites to prevent workers from falling. These are installed on the edges of the construction sites to save workers from hazards.

Retractable barriers:

The retractable barrier is a must because it controls the crowd very effectively. Over the years, it has become an essential item of all venues where mass management and guest lists are needed. These are made from durable and effective material that optimizes several conditions that contain the capacity to manage the crowd.

This is the product that is used to manage and monitor the movement of the crowd. In events when the area is small, and it is to optimize the number of people being able to wait in a queue in the venue where space is more, these tools are great to control the crowd because we are at risk that any time crowd can disperse. It creates disorder in the entire system and can handle the situation.

Crowd Control Barriers:

Several kinds of crowd control barriers depend on space and occasion. It is very easy to handle for most of the security team. These items are designed with solid and durable material. These things are essential at the airport, bus stop, and other places where people gather in the form of a crowd. If you are managing the security of the company, then you need to purchase them.

Manufactured with High-Quality Materials:

Al Safrik Steel manufactures them with high-quality materials such as plastic, fiber, concrete, and metal. These items are easily available at competitive prices. The retractable bollard is known to control the crowd easily on the market. All security companies or commercial organizations use these items to maintain peace in the surroundings. Due to their durability and portability traits, these are in great demand.

Installation and Repairs:

We are here to provide you with complete assistance with their installation, maintenance, and others. The installation of these barriers isn’t crucial; however, their repair and maintenance can be a problem for you. Our experts fabricate them with high-quality material, and you can access our team for the best services. We are available in the UAE and all its states without any hassle.

These barriers are the ideal selection for the pool out of the trendy set of collections. The items are likely to cause every person to enjoy the glam appearance of the site. All your workers and team members are safe where you have installed these barriers. It provides comfort and relaxation for those people. It is crucial to get a sitting down. It’s likely a result of the color that is cozy. It’s believed to be the product of the entire earth due to certain explanations.

How to Place the Order?

You can place the order online, and for any assistance, our customer support staff will guide you about the Al Safrik Steel Policy. We are here to provide you with the best barriers for all your working sites and road. All our designed products are available in the best quality on a self-installation basis using a standard forklift truck. Our fully-trained staff can help you with their maintenance.