Flatbed Trailers

Cargo companies use different types of trailers to handle large and heavier shipments. Most of the shipment items don’t need a wide trailer to load or unload the cargo. When the time comes to find the solution for over-the-road freight that’s not only taller and wider but heavier enough to fit on the standard van, a flatbed trailer comes into action. The flatbed trailer is designed to carry heavier and wider freight without any problem. Al Safrik Steel is the name that will provide quick solutions for every work-related problem. You can buy different types of loading trailers, including flatbed trailers, and enhance your business.

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The design of the flatbed trailer is very simple; it has a compressed hauling platform that makes loading and unloading from sider and top ways easy. The flatbed trailer does not only stick to a specific type of freight, but it can handle and move heavier building materials. Many industrial types of equipment and heavy machineries like mobile homes and aircraft parts are also transferred from one place to another with its help.

Common types of flatbed trailer

The flatbed trailer comes in different types, and some consumers use custom-made trailers for their workplace. If you are new in the cargo business and want to purchase a perfect trailer for your work, we suggest taking a piece of advice from an experienced logistics provider like Al Safrik Steel. Our company will assist you in choosing the best fit for your work. For your assistance, we are going to elaborate on some common types of flatbed trailers. Let’s get started.

1. Standard flatbed:

Start with a basic flatbed trailer designed to carry all types of freight without extra effort. It is generally available in 48 ft to 52 ft long beds with a standard height of 47 to 60 ft. It is not essential to have the exact dimensions because the flatbed can easily adjust the dock height. Some trailers are upgraded with a ramp that gives it extra support to carry and manage the load. If we talk about the maximum weight or load, a standard flatbed trailer can manage maximum weight.and work efficiently.

2. Step-deck

It is commonly known as a drop deck, and it is also having an extended trailer of 48 ft. It has two hauling platforms of multiple heights, but the flatbed will be longer than that. The signature Step name is also given because of its specification. If you purchase this trailer for your business, you don’t need to buy any other loading machinery. It will help you to complete many cargos lifting tasks without any assistance.

3. Double drop

The double drop or lowboy trailer has a well consisting of a single hauling section. To accommodate the bigger freight, the well sets 18” off to the ground, and examples of the type of load include:
1. Construction machinery
2. Vehicles
3. Aircraft parts
The double drop has scoped and high length design; it can be loaded by a crane or sometimes, from sideways instead of at a dock. It can easily manage the load and continuously work for a long time. You don’t need to order any other flatbed trailer if you have a double drop in the trailer collection.

4. Removable gooseneck (RGN)

The removable gooseneck has a unique design with a removable neck, and it can convert the austere front of the trailer into a ramp. The convertible feature of the trailer makes it beneficial on the construction sites where motorized freight needs to load and unload. Although it is one of the expensive flatbed trailers types, its time-saving and easy loading features make it affordable. All the flatbed mentioned above trailers are one of their kind, and if we choose carefully, it will help us to increase the business easily. Therefore, it is essential to take the advice of an expert so you can spend the money on the right and practical thing.

Moreover, if you are interested in buying a flatbed trailer for your business, Al Safrik Steel will help you get the best deal. Our advisory service will assist you in choosing and purchasing the right fit for your cargo business.