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Spreader Beams In Dubai​

Al-Safrik Steels specializes in the supply of Spreader beams in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Al-Safrik Spreader Beams are well-built and sturdy. Our Spreader Beams are manufactured exclusively in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Al-Safrik Steels is proficiently supplying Spreading beams for different companies in UAE. Having an incredible history of manufacturing industrial products, we satisfy our clients by providing rugged and reliable products that last for years. 

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Why Only Al-Safrik’s ​
Spreader Beams ?

  • Our engineered modular spreader systems are becoming some of the most advanced lifting solutions ever seen. 
  • Our design and engineering team are working extensively with clients in the oil & gas sector to develop lifting systems that will enable the large-scale lifts of fragile components with absolute precision & safety. 
  • The capacity of Al Safrik steel-engineered modular spreader systems is virtually unlimited.
  • We are provided a complete package that includes all the required cables and hardware to accomplish the lift. 
  • Our modular Spreader Beams are economical and can be used repeatedly for many years.
  • Our spreader beams are very easy to transport and store. For improved inventory control, organized components, quick retrieval, and mobilization ask about our storage systems, including logistics cradles and stillages.
  • Our rigging division manufactures suitable SWR cable laid slings & grommets in-house and will complement these with products from our extensive range of shackles, hooks, anchors, and synthetic high-performance slings.
  • Our Spreader beam’s plates are made up of high-strength carbon steel, specifically designed to withstand any bending and transfer the compression to the strut in an almost purely axial form.

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What are Spreader Beams:

Spreader Beam is a weightlifting instrument in the form of a long rod that keeps the load evenly over two or more attached points by keeping two slings apart. It increases operational efficiency by helping in the lifting of the breakable loads. It is among those load lifting devices that help crane operators in lifting heavy loads. It is a versatile solution for lifting more than one lifting requirement.

Basic Functionality:

The compressive force is the primary force on which the spreader beam functions. Compressive stress travels from the bottom of the sling; as it reaches the string, the stress travels up the top sling to the hooks of the crane in the same way, reducing bending stress on the beam from the load.

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Specifications of Al-Safrik Spreader Beam

We manufacture exceptional quality modular spreader beams in Dubai for our customers in the United Arab Emirates. Following are the few specifications of our product,

Size: customized precisely according to customer’s choice and preferences

Capacity: standard capacity of our product ranges from 2 tons- 24 tons, which are suitable for the transport of symmetrical and asymmetrical loads and suitable for lifting and moving standard boxes and pallets.

Span: standard span range of our spreader beam is 1.2m to 9m.

Al-Safrik Steels can design you a rigging system and supply any chain/wire rope/synthetic slings, connectors, shackles, hooks, etc. Our product comes with certified D shackles and slings as per the client’s requirement. But if, for instance, our client demands larger capacities or specialist requirements, we are right here to design, engineer, and manufacture a suitable solution for you!

Advantages of Using ​ ​
Spreader Beams ?

Following are the advantages of using spreader beams:

  • The spreader beam helps lift weights through compressing forces in the bar and tensile strength in the sling.
  • Spreader beams are low-cost, budget-friendly, and light in weight.
  • They are highly efficient and eliminate stress on one single point.
  • It reduces the chances of the load being sliding or tipping.
  • As the sling angles are in your control, it minimizes the chances of the load crashing or damaging.
  • They are suitable for lifting very heavyweights. 
  • It is much efficient and cheaper in use than a lifting beam
  • It is specifically manufactured to allow for incremental adjustment of sling angle for off-center load adjustments.


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03 Load Affecting Spreader Beam’s Design:

Examine The Dumping Hopper

Rigging Weights​

Rigging means the navigation of heavy objects by pushing, pulling, and elevating. Lifting is a way to move heavy objects by moving the object up from below, most commonly using a jack. Similarly, the rigging weight below the spreader is also added, which ultimately affects the spreader's design.

Examine The Dumping Hopper

Weight of lifted Object and Centre of Gravity​

The weight of the lifted object is to be carried by the spreader beam. Further, the location of the Centre of Gravity of the lifted object has a critical effect on the sling loads. If the Centre of Gravity is not located at the mid-point of the truckload, then the loads on the slings will not be the same. The sling, which is closer to the Centre of Gravity, is expected to take more load.

Examine The Dumping Hopper

Dynamic Amplification factor: ​

Dynamic Amplification Factor is the ratio of the vibratory response and static response. Whether lifting is onshore or offshore, the dynamic amplification factor keeps adding to the load.