Welding Pipe Rotators

What are welding pipe rotators?

Welding pipe rotators are used to keep the pipes steady and rotate them with a cylindrical shape. This tool comes in handy as it takes a burden off the labor and makes it an easier job for the welder. The welder is able to focus properly on welding as both his hands are free and he does not have to worry about rotating the pipe. Moreover, increased stability ensures that the welds are more seamless and it adds to the overall rigidity of the welding work.

Welding pipe rotators basically come down to two major categories:

  • Conventional pipe rotators
  • Self-aligning pipe rotators

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What are conventional pipe rotators?

A conventional or manual pipe rotator consists of idle rollers. This is used to rotate the pipes or the materials put on it and comes in handy during the welding job. It is also referred to as a manual pipe rotator because it has to be manually adjusted according to the size and circumference of the pipe. The rotator is made mainly to entertain cylindrical vessels and performs a good job in making the job easy.

What are self-aligning pipe rotators?

Contrary to conventional pipe rotators, self-aligning pipe rotators automatically adjust to the size and shape of the object. This is done irrespective of the ovality of the pipes. This feature is extremely helpful for the welders and it makes their job a lot easier. The use of clutches in self-aligning rotators allows them to take more beating than conventional pipe rollers. That is because, if handled roughly, the transmission drive of conventional pipe rotators can be damaged. The main reason behind it is the absence of clutches. This is not a problem for the self-aligning rotators and thus makes them more reliable than the latter.

What are some other types of welding pipe rotators?

Besides the two basic types of welding rotators, some other are listed below:

Anti-channeling welding roller

It is based on the functioning of conventional welding rotator. However, it contains a photoelectric encoder to spot the quantity of the work piece motion and a system controller that controls the training of the driven roller. These combined with other things offer a good solution that satisfy the demands of welding.

Fit up rotator

These are equipped with two fit-up roller beds with four independent hydraulic height adjustment rollers. This ensures that the welding job is done speedily and with high performance.

Pipe pinching rotator

They support rotating and tilting for making the welding job easy. Moreover, height, angle and speed are adjustable which makes the welding job easy and creates an optimum environment for the welder.

What are some of the features of welding rotators?

Welding rotators come with a lot of features that enable them in making the job easy. These are as follows:

Adjustable roller position:

This helps in adjusting the rollers between the main body. This feature is important as it enables the user to adjust different diameter rollers over the same roller. This saves time and is cost efficient as the user does not have to buy separate size pipe roller for each diameter.

Rigidity of the frame:

To ensure that the welding rotators can bear weight while they are in operation, stress tests are performed on them. This ensures that they would not be damaged under load. This can be seen as a positive point by the customer who wishes to put these rotators to use.

Polyurethane rollers:

If there is one thing that can make your experience bad is scratched up pipe surfaces. These are usually caused during the rolling phase because of harsh surfaces. Polyurethane rollers provide a surface that does not scratch up pipes. This means that you can easily roll the pipes without any worry. Get work done in less time and with less worries.

The use of pin mechanism:

The polyurethane rollers mentioned above need to be secured properly on the frame. Unsecure rollers can fall of the frame when a load is initially put on them and can cause serious damage to your equipment as well as to the operator. To ensure that a safe to work environment is established, the polyurethane rollers are secured on the frame with pins. This way you can put the maximum amount of weight that is rated for your machine without any worries.

Adjustable stand:

An un-adjustable stand can cause severe inconvenience for the welders while they are working on the pipes. Thus, there should be a mechanism present that lets them adjust the height of the stand. For this purpose adjustable stands are used that allow the welder to adjust the height of the rigid frame. This allows them to work comfortably and adjust the stand as per their needs. All of this amounts to a better working experience over all.

The use of stable base:

When putting great load on a machine, you need to ensure that it has a strong, sturdy and stable base to support the load. If the base of the machine is not supporting the load properly, it can cause the machine to wobble or even tip over in certain conditions. This can cause damage to the equipment as well as to the operators. Thus, to support the heavy loads that the rotator is rated for stable base is used. This makes sure that the machine stays firm and sturdy even when in full load conditions. This is not only a safe practice but also boosts the confidence of the welder.

Where are welding rotators used?

The welding operators have a wide range of applications. This makes it a dynamic tool that can be used in multiple scenarios. The following are the areas where welding rotators are used predominantly:

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas industries
  • Conventional power and nuclear industries
  • Other fabrication industries

These areas support the fabrication of pipes or vessels. This can speak for the dynamic nature of the tool. Welding rotators are especially a highly effective tool for countries that have an economy running on the oil business. The Middle Eastern countries and the Saudi Arabian market can be a good example of the prime target audience of this machinery.

What are the advantages of using a welding pipe rotator?

The welding pipe rotator comes with a lot of advantages. Apart from making the job easier for the welders here are some of the advantages they provide:

  • High quality welding connections
  • The stability of the rotator leads to constant and stable turning speeds during welding. This is very critical in making sure that the welds are accurate and of high quality. Variation in speeds and wobbling machinery can cause the welds to be crooked and can affect the integrity of the welds as well.
  • Reduced lifting and shifting. This is important because this eventually leads to lesser labor and extra safety of the working environment. Continued movement increases the risk of damage or an accident.
  • All of these points translate in a speedy production process. Since the welding rotator aides the welder in his job and makes it ever so easy for him, it naturally speeds up the production process.

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