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Why Our Storage Cage?

Our engineers are customizing and designing storage cages that fulfill all our clients’ industrial and commercial applications. Al-Safrik Steel Storage Cages are well-built and come with a longer lifetime. Whether operating a remote commercial warehouse or a huge manufacturing industry, our quality storage cage is an ideal solution to secure your bits and pieces. Having an incredible history of manufacturing industrial products, we satisfy our clients by providing rugged and reliable products that last for years.

Al-Safrik Steel Storage Cage, Storage Case

Al-Safrik Steel’s
Strorage Cage

Al-Safrik Steels manufactures high-quality Storage cages for its clients in the Gulf. Al-Safrik Steels specializes in the supply of Storage Cage in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Our Storage Cage is manufactured solely in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our expert engineers are designing it, keeping quality control. Our skilled team uses standard steel wires and the latest computer technology to attain the exact dimensions required by the client. 

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Storage Cage

Also known as a Security cage, wire storage mesh, or wire cage is a heavy-duty welded wire mesh cage used for storing extra clutter, hazardous materials, chemicals, gas bottles, or warehouse stock against vandalism and theft. It is an all-purpose cage protecting industrial or commercial tangible goods for security, storage, and protection. Storage Cage is a versatile storage solution that is ideal for warehousing, industrial, and production requirements.

Specification Al Safrik's Cage​

  • Capacity: It is suitable for up to 2 x 13kg, 15kg, 18kg, or 19kg cylinders (>318mm Ø)
  • Dimension: 900mm high x 700mm wide x 500mm deep
  • Design: Complete with shelves and a heavy-duty design with Pad lockable hinged door
  • Material: Steel
  • Frame: 30mm x 30mm x 3mm thick box section
  • Mesh Size: 50mm x 50mm
  • Wire Size: 3mm
  • Approximate weight: 40kg
  • It is available in a painted or galvanized version equally suited for indoor as well as outdoor use. Our powder coat finish is ideal for indoor application. 
  • Our storage cage featuring gates provides extra security, and the design can incorporate either a left or right opening swing. 

Types of Storage Cages

gas storage case, Al-Safrik Steel Storage Cage:

Gas Cylinder Storage Cage

Gas cylinders can be used for the storage of gas or chemical containers against theft or vandalism. The lockable gate, mesh sides and galvanized roof sheeting ensure cylinder and gear security.  They are flat packed.

Gas cylinders can be used for the storage of gas or chemical containers against theft or vandalism. The lockable gate, mesh sides and galvanized roof sheeting ensure cylinder and gear security.  They are flat packed.

Dimension: 1080w x 1120d x 2100h mm

Features: Gas Cages offer complete security from theft, but they also offer ultimate safety against the torpedo effect caused by a severed regulator or even airborne shrapnel in the unfortunate event of an explosion due to an outbreak of fire.

Where to Use: Mainly used in warehouses and chemical companies to ensure safety.

Bin Storage Cage

Bin storage cages keep dirty bins and dangerous equipment safely away from the reach of children, vandals, and even wildlife. Each bin storage cage can be supplied with your choice of welded mesh infill, ideal for various applications depending on your security requirements.

Dimension: H1800 x W1300 x D670MM

Features: These lockable Chrome Mesh Attractive chrome designs, in a choice of 2 widths and three shelf options. The middle shelf/shelves suit your storage needs and are Hinged, fully opening double doors, with a heavy-duty locking mechanism and padlock hasp. Intelligent design makes assembly simple and easy. Height-adjustable feet, creating stability even on uneven surfaces.

Where to use: Security Cages are great for use in manufacturing, warehouse, healthcare, food production, and even front-of-house retail environments where items are required to be locked away but visible at the same time.

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Advantages of Storage Cage

  • It provides enough storage space for workers and helps to keep all useless items in one place.
  • It helps to improve on-site safety by lowering the chances of the worker tripping over it and getting injured.
  • It saves the business money by providing a flexible storage area.
  • Reduces security risks by providing visibility through the wired partition.
  • It is solid and easily applicable in everyday rough usage because they are impossible to break.
  • It can be easily cleaned and sterilized. 
  • Enough space for storing and versatile applications.. 
  • Storage cages can be carried from one place to another very flexibly.
  • It has a high quality, remarkable structure, general surface electricity spray treatment, and long service life.
  • From small industrial goods to much more extensive inventory, the Storage cage is a multi-purpose cage.
  • It is simple to move and use.
  • Scientific structure and affordable cost make it a lifetime investment.
  • It is made of high-quality steel by cold rolling, hardening, and welding, with high strength and a large loading capacity.
  • The spherical pipe is welded into the surface and connected with the fixture that is foldable.
  • The surface is galvanized, elegant, and anti-oxidation, long service life.