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How to install cat ladder

Here are some steps to install a cat ladder

  1. Before installing the cat ladder check the condition as well as structure.
  2. The height of the cage entry must be measured carefully, it must have within the range of 2.0 to 2.2 meters from its lower end. Make lower, top, and intermediate hoops of the cage by using a head bolt along with a set of nuts for every loop.
  3. Calculate the required height of the cage then cut it in ten straps, and carefully clear all the sharp boundaries using a file of metal.
  4. Make a streak of all straps at the end by using a bolt slot on the front, and observe the location of the middle hoop bolt for all the straps.
  5. Fix bolts for all the straps, inserting the middle hoop straps to make the connection between the bottom and top hoop.
  6. Connect the strap at number 2 to the top end hoop.
  7. Connect the strap at number 2 to the middle-end hoop.
  8. Connect the strap at number 2 to the lower-end hoop.
  9. Connect the strap at number 9 to the top and middle hoop.
  10. Connect the strap at number 9 to the bottom and middle hoop.
  11. Make a balance in all the straps of intermediate and ends.
  12. After connecting all the straps to the mid and ends hoops of the cage, now attach the system to the ladder. Make a hole of 10mm by using a drill through the stile of a ladder. Enter a domed bolt of 1M8 x 55 along with a set of nuts through the stile of a ladder at each location of the hoop extension. Insert end lids of plastic at the ends of straps.

Different types and their applications

Here are some different types of cat ladders. After understanding the different types of ladders and their function, you will be able to make a decision that which type of ladder you required according to your work,

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Step Ladders

In most industries, this type of ladder is used, this leader is special because you can use it anywhere, at the time of need. This type of ladder doesn’t require any support, so can be used at the center of the room, and at the locations where you have no support.

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Platform ladders

This is the type of ladder, which is just similar to the step ladder and has a platform on the top step. Most of the time, it has rails to give you security when you do work. This is for you if you feel fear to stand on the ladder, or want to stand for a long time. The platform will protect you from shins, so that you may not be scratched against the steps. If you want to stand on a ladder and have to work with both hands, it will protect you from any kind of accident

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Extension Ladders

If you have to reach high places, you will need a straight ladder. This ladder leaps in front of any support like a wall or tree etc. It is consists of two parts, the one is fly and the other one is base.

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Folding Ladders

It is just like a step of stool; the main difference is just that you can extend it to approach high places, like if you have to change the bulbs, etc. If you are not comfortable to climb on a chair like things, it will be helpful to you.

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Multi-purpose ladders

As shown from the name, this ladder can be used anywhere. This type of ladder has more features which will make it suitable for several uses. This can be used inside and outside the house for doing different tasks. It is fully supportable on its own and can be closed in steps. You can extend it easily if you want to climb on higher locations. You can store it anywhere, as it is foldable and doesn’t require much space.

Different verification steps to ensure quality:

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Appearance and visual test

Every part of the ladder is observed and inspected by us, to make sure that it has no sharp edges and the shape, size and every aspect is right.

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Test of torsion

In the beginning, after making a five-piece of the batch we test its height that it is just according to the size and shape.

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Load test

In the beginning, after making five-piece of the batch, we test it if it can withstand the load of about 2.0KN and deflection of step must not be more than 10.0 mm with some weight, and if it does not have any load on it, the deflection will not be more than 2.0 mm. Then we again test it for 4.0KN, and then the deflection should be 10.0mm.

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Resistance test of unlocking

When the production starts, at three pieces per lot, we test it when pates are anchored during the process of installation, if the wall is 0.255x1x1, then we apply a force for about 50KN and keep it for sixty seconds.

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Resistance impact test

When the production start, at five pieces per lot, a weight of 20kg is placed on the plates, it withstands this without breaking it, it is just because of high-quality material. The pates are not affected by this force and covalent bonds don’t break.

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Test of integrity.

This test includes the humidity and dryness test. For the humidity test, We exposed the metal to the three percent solution of sodium chloride along with .25 percent of liquid agent for 30 minutes. For the dryness test, we connect an end to expose the metal to the test brush and then pass it to the plastic surface.


Material and finishing

We make cat ladders of different sizes and types by using the material of stainless steel, by using high-quality material, the size of a ladder can be according to your requirement.

Grades of stainless steel we use to make these ladders are 304, 304L, 316, and 316L.

We do a different test on our ladders to make them the best. To ensure the quality and long life of ladders’ steps, the stile is made by using non-recyclable material with the above-mentioned grades of steel. It will make them more durable.

Mostly the industrial or commercial cat ladders are used to the outside of the building and are installed to access and for maintenance easily. These ladders are simple in design and are galvanized in hot dips for finishing, which will make them long-lasting. Design can be like flat bar plates and a round bar with bolted construction having safety hoops that will protect from falling.