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Puddle Flanges

When pipes are passed through the concrete walls or structures like shafts, tanks, floor slabs and manholes, and basements, etc Puddle flanges are required to pack outside those pipes. These flanges are installed while construction. When these flanges are installed, the pipes are not bonded to concrete so that water can easily pass through the outside surface. These puddle flanges behave like barriers against the flow of liquid and protect it from penetration. The seal is fastened into the pipe which resists the path directly. When the concrete is poured, the body of the rubber will be compressed, so the concrete will shrink after relaxing the rubber. A water-tight seal is maintained between the structure of concrete and the seal of rubber.


Purpose to use puddle flanges:

Puddle flanges are used to seal pipes and plastic cables, fiber cement, clay vitrified, and steel against high columns of water. Walls and concrete foundations are sealed perfectly by using this, against the high pressure of groundwater.

Puddle Flanges Features

  • Our puddle flanges have Long life.
  • We are providing the best quality at a low cost.
  • Resistive against corrosion.
  • The cost of transportation is low.
  • Don’t require much maintenance
  • Weight is not much.
  • No leakage was produced.
  • Make a bond with concrete
  • In the places where we want to prevent water penetrations, these flanges are installed in pipes.
  • They are used as barriers
  • Fitting is quick and simple.
  • Available in all sizes.
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Types of Puddle Flanges:

There are many types we manufacture according to the demand of our customers, here are some commonly used

  1. Ductile Puddle Flanges

We manufacture heavy-duty iron ductile puddle flanges, by using the best material gradings of stainless steel to make sure that your plumbing needs are more efficient and robust. These puddle flanges are flexible and strong, can be installed easily, also simple to maintain. 

We have a stock of high-quality iron ductile puddle flanges of several sizes ranging from 5 feet pieces to rolls of 500 feet. They have the property to resist chemicals and withstand extremely high and cold temperatures, so they can be used in handling liquids and sewage. It can be attached chemically, welded, or threaded and these connections are leak-free.

  1. Blind Flanges

These flanges are manufactured on the standard of ASME B16.5, dimensions are identical to those of other flanges. We make these flanges according to the need of mechanical, chemical, and several other industrial uses. This flange can block a part of the pipe or can be used as a nozzle on the useless vessel. 

  1. Lap Joints

We manufacture this type of lap joints puddle flanges on ANSI B16.5 standards, that are durable and of excellent quality. This type of flanges is used for fittings on stub ends and pipes. These are just like industrial flanges. These are affordable and quality flanges.

Installation of Puddle Flanges:

  • Step 1: In the reinforcement bars, tie the required puddle flange.
  • Step 2: When these puddle flanges are required for underground tanks of water, the body of the tank is covered by using concrete and shutter the outer and inner sides of the tank’s walls. 
  • Step 3: After that remove shutters and add essential waterproofing, by fixing tails inside the tank and finishing the exterior according to the conditions of the site.

Puddle Flanges Application:

  • The puddle flanges allow materials like water, hydrocarbons, and different gases, so that they may pass from the buildings and structure.
  • These can overcome different technical problems in construction. 
  • These flanges are manufactured to join outside the pipe and then set in concrete.
  • It is used to provide a tight pressure seal to resist water and gases and different hydrocarbons like petrol and oil.
  • These flanges are a quick and effective solution, and can be used with all types of standard pipes and materials like plastic, steel, concrete, stoneware, cast iron, etc,
  • Its common applications are in concrete tanks, shafts, slabs, walls of concrete, etc.


Puddle flanges of Stainless Steel

Puddle flanges of Stainless Steel are always recommended to use for pipes of smooth walls. Our Puddle flanges are suitable for your pipes and at the installation point; the surface should be clean, smooth, and pore-free with no other imperfections on the surface. We make flanges of all sizes range of sizes are starting from 25mm to 1200mm; also we can make flanges of other sizes according to your requirements.

Different grades that are used to make Puddle flanges of Stainless Steel are,

    • ASTM  304
    • 304H and 304 L
    •  310 and 310 S
    •  309
    • 316
    • 316L
    • 317L
    • 317
    • 321
    • 312H
    • 347H
    • 347
    • 446, and 904L

Manufacturing Standards:

We make puddle flanges of different manufacturing standards are:

  1. ASTM A182 to ASME SA182: These are Standard Specifications to work for austenitic pipings of stainless steel fitting.
  2. ASME B16.5: These are used in flanges fittings and pipes.
  3. ASME B16.36: These are used for Display blind flanges
  4. ASME B16.47: These are large diameter flanges of steel from NPS26 to NPS60
  5. MSS SP-6: There are standard finishes to contact with faces and to connect with the end of flanges fittings and valves.

Testing standards:

We test our puddle flanges to make sure that our manufactured flanges of the best quality are of the highest standard and reliable. We test it for seal effectiveness and tightness of pressure. Our puddle flanges can bear the pressure to 10 bars.

These puddle flanges are manufactured from the best standard EPDM. The material used is resistant to different chemicals. When the area surrounded is not in good condition, or contaminated with bad substrates then we use puddle flanges of material of Nitrile.


Different dimensions for puddle flanges of stainless steel are different factors like

  1. Normal Diameter of pipe
  2. The outer diameter of the flange.
  3. Flange thickness
  4. Raised face diameter
  5. Diameter of the circular bolt.

Ranges of sizes are available in puddle flanges in the range of 25mm throughout 1200 and above. The outer diameter of flanges can be 100 to 110 mm. It all depends on the requirement of customers. We make these flanges in an unlimited variety of sizes of your choice and demand.


Ranges of sizes are available in puddle flanges in the range of 25mm throughout 1200 and above. The outer diameter of flanges can be 100 to 110 mm. It all depends on the requirement of customers. We make these flanges in an unlimited variety of sizes of your choice and demand.