Security Camera Poles

What is Security Camera Pole?

Security camera poles or cam poles are used to hold up cameras for security or surveillance purpose. They can be customized into every shape or size to use in a specific project. Security camera poles are used to monitor different localities. Poles are mounted by using the combination of U-bolts with either J-mount or an L-bracket.

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With the constant technological innovation and secure public safety continuing to evolve, there is no more crucial right now than the video camera. But the camera is only as good as the pole or structure that provides the view. Our quality security pole has a maximum EPA rating of 5.7 at 110 mph with a 1.3 gust factor and can be configured for your security needs.

  • Our security camera poles are drilled according to our client’s specifications. Our client provides the drill location and orientation. The removable top canon is also known as the tenon. Its standard diameter is 2-3/8 inches, but it can also be changed according to need.
  • First, the shaft assembly is heated to full length to produce a T6 temper. The pole shaft is made up of a seamless extruded tube of 6063 Aluminum alloy per the requirements of ASTM B221.
  • The handhole includes the attachment hardware and a cover. A reinforced handhole with grounding provision is provided 18 inches from the base end of the pole assembly.
  • A 4-bolt cast Aluminum base flange of alloy 356-T6 with Aluminum bolt covers and stainless steel screws.
  • A set of galvanized steel anchor bolts are provided with each pole assembly. Each bolt includes nuts and washers. The top of the anchor bolt is threaded for securing and leveling the pole with the provided nuts and washers. An actual size paper anchor bolt template is provided.
  • Our poles also have dark bronze, black, gray, green, or white commercial grade powder coat finish.

We provide camera adapters.


With the wide range of applications, the following are a few listed below,

Commercial application:

Commercial applications include,

  • Parking lot
  • Auto Dealership
  • Gas station
  • Parking Garage
  • Warehouse and factory
  • Self-storage
  • Roadway


Athletics applications include,

  • Soccer Field
  • Tennis court
  • Football Field
  • Arena or stadium
  • Sports Dome
  • Driving range
  • Ice rink
  • Baseball field

Recreational application:

Recreational applications include,

  • Skeet trap range
  • Equestrian
  • Backyard Basketball
  • Ski hill and resort
  • Pickleball court
  • Skate Park

Specialty application:

Specialty applications include,

  • Electro vehicle charging station poles
  • To attach high mast security LED lighting
  • Military base LED lightning
  • Premium LED Foundry Lighting
  • Antenna & Wi-Fi Mounting
  • Flag & Signage Flood Lighting Solutions

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Types of Security Camera Poles:

Following are the types of security camera poles,

Tubular security camera poles:

It comprises fixed security camera poles and tilt-down security camera poles.

Fixed security camera poles are the most straightforward and standard type of camera poles. Fixed tubular poles are typically used for general CCTV applications, traditional lamps that fit in with existing street furniture. These are heavy-duty and designed specifically for CCTV camera mounting, dual lighting, and CCTV applications. Tilt-down tubular poles are suitable for public areas, providing the facility to service camera equipment at ground level and tapered tubular poles. It offers an aesthetic appearance to fit in with architectural themes.

Center hinged security camera poles:

Also known as Break back, Centre Hinged & Seesaw Poles. Al-Safrik Steels Mid-Hinged Tapered Octagonal Poles are an alternative to our Fixed Tapered Multi-Sided Poles. This type of security camera pole is used for car parks, public transport stations, roadways, mine sites, sporting facilities, airports, general floodlighting situations, and communications installation. These poles are commonly used in remote areas where elevator machinery is not readily available.

Fixed tapered multi-sided poles:

There are two types of fixed tapered multi-sided poles, large fixed tapered multi-sided poles and small tapered multi-sided poles. Large fixed tapered multi-sided poles are primarily suitable for large commercial applications. This pole type can be supplied in octagonal, dodecagonal, and hendecagonal configurations. Small Fixed Tapered Poles are suited to medium-sized floodlighting requirements for areas such as commercial developments and recreational areas.

Advantages of Security Camera Poles:​

Here we come with the perks of security camera poles. Following are the prominent advantages of security camera poles,

  • They eliminate the need for an elevated work platform or safety climb system,
  • It reduces ongoing pole maintenance costs.
  • Security camera poles are quicker and easier to install in the required location.
  • It is cost-effective with a long-term investment benefit.
  • In the case of mid-hinged security, camera poles lighting, security, communications, and other equipment can be maintained safely and effectively using the pole’s simple mechanical lowering device, which one or two people can operate.
  • Security camera poles help in detecting crimes and gathering evidence.
  • These can be very beneficial if well-designed security poles provide plug-and-play capability, allowing users to power and walk away.

Why Choose Us?

Al-Safrik Steel is the foremost security camera pole supplier across the gulf region, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, and Qatar. We take pride in our work by providing the most cost-effective camera hardware solutions across the Gulf. You can go through our categories for the right product for your project, if you have any questions, please call, and one of our experts will answer your questions. We provide free engineering services to ensure our product selections work for your project. We further offer custom-made poles and hardware specifically designed for your project. You can talk to our experts about your required specifications and get a free consultation. We provide premium quality security camera poles that fulfill all your requirements, from installation in prisons to refinery locations. Al-Safrik Steels is fully equipped with quality as well as expertise.