Steel Trolleys

Steel Trolley is essential for different construction sites and other industrial uses in the UAE. Our Steel fabrication company in Dubai manufactures these trolleys for industrial customers. These are available both heavy and light duty materials so that you can order these trolleys for your industrial sites. These are available in different sizes and shapes at Al Safrik Steel since it is one of the best steel fabrication in Dubai. In warehouse and manufacturing facilities, the mobile battery-powered lifting trolley is helpful in many ways.

Al-Safrik Steel Trolleys

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Steel Trolleys Description

Our steel fabrication company in UAE manufactures steel trolleys for offering easy mobility and flexibility. These are designed with strong and sturdy material. The trolley contains a solid frame to transport heavy tools or gear that makes the trolley lightweight. Therefore, it becomes easier to drag the trolley without much effort. The steel trolley is designed with excellent anti-tipping dynamics to ensure maximum stability.

In UAE, you will get high-quality trolleys because the metal fabrication company here, manufactures it from fully welded 304 grade stainless steel. Al Safrik Steel designs it in the way to make it highly powerful for several industrial uses. From sound absorbing lines to quiet wheels, it is highly easy to drag on the floor.

Al Safrik Steel Fabrication Company takes care of its design and manufacturing process so that trolleys are more functional. It is designed with the four quiet castors and two of them are brakes so that it offers stability and balance. Steel trolleys boast wall bumps that enables it to maintain a hazard free and safe workspace. Rubber or anti-static castors are available for maximum security. In this way, it saves you from sudden accident.

Al-Safrik Steel Trolleys

Steel Trolleys Features

Al Safrik Steel steel fabrication in Dubai is famous for supplying and manufacturing a broad range of steel trolleys. These are used for handling and transporting heavy material from one place to another safely. These are designed for the heavy production industries to cater to the needs of the construction industry, automotive parts, sugar industry, and many more. Learn more about the features of these street trolleys in the construction sites in the UAE.

  • It comes at the market-leading price
  • Customized solution
  • Long functional life
  • Sturdy built
  • Ergonomic handles offer a solid grip and incredible working position
  • Available in light, moderate, and heavy-duty frame
  • Modular design for heavy uses
  • Move, lift, rotate, turn and tilt without effort
  • Wheels are robust so that it is easy to drag

Rigid frame and high-strength

The Metal fabrication company in Dubai manufactures upright handles and chassis from flat oval steel tube that is powerful without being hefty. The steel and stainless steel frames are highly suitable and strong to transport the material from one place to another—moreover, a solid joint between the handle and wire basket with a proper welding procedure.

Versatile item

It is an ultimate quick solution to storage and transportation requirements being simple to manage and control with the heavy gear. In this way, the trolley offers versatility since you can keep all types of material in the trolley because of the supportive frame. Its stainless steel quality and manufacturing is highly exclusive that makes it long-lasting and durable.

Al-Safrik Steel Trolleys

Strong and sturdy material

These trolleys are available for construction sites in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, and other areas in UAE. You can access our metal fabrication in Dubai to get the best quality products. These are all durable and efficient items for industrial use because it ranges from small and light duty to heavy duty items. Moreover, these trolleys are designed with stainless steel and mild material. Construction from caster wheels, locks, retractable latch, heavy-duty wire mesh, square hollow sections, and many others is possible.

Al-Safrik Steel Trolleys
Al-Safrik Steel Trolleys

Surface coating

To make the steel parts of the trolley durable, our metal fabrication in UAE passivates and electro-galvanizes it. This is important to coat the trolley frame with clear powder to save it from corrosion. This coating procedure produces over a hundred hours of corrosion resistance in the steel frame.

In this way, steel trolleys are durable and attractive in all-weather conditions with incredible resistance against rust. This powder coating maintains the steel shining for a long time, and it produces an additional layer of protection against corrosion and dulling.