Crane Loading Platform

The Crane Loading Platforms are used to transfer heavy freight from the ground floor to the highest construction levels of the building. It is one of the safest and fastest transporting ways to shift construction materials that can’t be moved without putting in a lot of human resources and money. Crane Loading Platforms can be installed conveniently, and companies order these platforms according to their need and work demand.

You can order customized crane loading platforms that will make your construction business more efficient and safe. The steel structure of the platform can hold tons of freight and safely deliver to the upper story of the construction site. The design of the loading platform is unique and has the capacity to install and relocate without any problem.

The platform holds tightly with a harness that safely moves massive load from ground to upper story vertically. It is safe for the workers and cost-effective for the companies who install it at the construction sites. If we talk about its assembling, it’s easy and flexible. It can be effortlessly fixed under the high-rise building tower and work efficiently.

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Features of Crane loading platform:

The basic design of the platform consists of a fixed frame, steel prop, retractable platform, safety door and guardrail. For your assistance, we are going to describe its feature so you can understand its importance and need a construction site.

  1. The platform has a ‘drawer-like’ shape that helps it maintain safety and reliability during operation.
  2. The platform is vertically stacked with a fixed harness that provides the ease to shift the cargo vertically and safely.
  3. The crane loading platform is designed to carry the heavy cargo vertically as they need on the construction place.
  4. It is beneficial for construction companies to handle and shift tons of load less time and decrease labour costs.
  5. The Crane loading platform can be extended from the side of the construction site from 4.5 to 5.25.
  6. A single person can operate the loading platform without any problem.
  7. It will take less than an hour to relocate and install the platform; that is why it is called a convenient and efficient workplace.

We suggest you visit us @Al Safrik Steel, ask the customer care agent queries, and discuss your requirement and demand. He will assist you with how to order and install the platform.  

Types of Crane Loading Platform:

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Retractable Crane Loading Platform:

This type of loading platform has stackable units that make it safe for multiple unit transportation. The retractable crane loading platform is an efficient and safe loading and off-loading platform on-site. It can reduce crane time and vertically move up and down with tons of loads. It is available in customized sizes, and a single person can operate it.

Examine The Dumping Hopper

Fixed Crane Loading Platform

It is also known as the standard platform used for general applications. Fixed crane loading platforms are used in a standard location where no relocation task is not required. This platform also provides an ease to transfer cargo from the ground to the sky height building construction site. The deck of the crane requires minimum space and efficiently works. It is cost-effective and reduces labour costs, which is convenient for the companies.

Things to consider while starting the installation Process of Crane Loading Platform:

  1. A site engineer examined the loading platform after installation, and if he found any problem, the crane would never start working until fixed 100% and approved by the engineer.
  2. Before installation, make sure that all the necessary civil structure is finished and the area is clear to start work without any hurdle.
  3. Al Safrik Steel will ensure you send the erection team on time so they can assemble the crane loading platform. Our erection team is trained and knows how to install platform panels, fix the harness, etc.
  4. The whole installation process will be done under the supervision of the experts, and they will also consider the high safety regulations.
  5. Lastly, third-party inspection is the central part of the installation process. The company must take the clearance certificate. Otherwise, they will not allow starting work.

Moreover, If you are willing to order a solid crane loading platform, you must bring the required measurement and discuss it with us. At Al Safrik Steel, we provided 100% quality assurance and satisfied the client. Visit us online and get assistance