Waste Skips

Looking for a suitable place to dispose of garbage? Looking for a proper clean space but rubbish has occupied all of your space, and you are having problems in waste management?

Then, you have come to the right place because Al-Safrik Steels provide you with the best possible solution with on-the-mark guidelines. We can help you in sorting out your extra clutter!

Rapid expansion in the construction industry has caused increasing waste. The increasing waste is mainly due to ineffective and inefficient waste management practices on construction sites. The provision of waste skips for specific materials is a significant factor in engendering waste minimization.

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Al-Safrik Steels Waste Skips:

Al-Safrik Steels is a pioneer industrial manufacturing company that provides various customizable products to its clients. We are manufacturing industrial products and their parts in Dubai, UAE. Al-Safrik Steels has clients in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and across Gulf Region. Our Engineers are designing Waste Skips with the exact dimensions suiting our clients. Our skilled team uses the latest technology, from mini waste skips to giant skips. Waste skips of Al-Safrik Steels cover up all the needs by manufacturing them in the different size ranges. Whether your industry needs a suitable waste skip to manage extra clutter or carry out work at a construction site, we provide you with solutions for waste management. Our expert team provides you with the details about waste skips suit your waste requirements.

What Are Waste Skips?

Waste skips are containers designed to hold the waste, garbage, or extra clutter at any place, whether at the construction area or on the side of the road. Commercial, construction, domestic, and industrial waste are disposed of in waste skips. Waste skips are also known as Waste bins.


Al-Safrik Steels gives the facility of customization to its customers. We are manufacturing municipally approved Waste Skips with the following prominent specifications,

  • Capacity: 3m¬≥, 4 m¬≥, 5 m¬≥, 7 m¬≥, 9 m¬≥, 10 m¬≥,12 m¬≥ to 20 m¬≥

  • Construction: 3 mm plates to 6 mm plates. Its thickness increases with its capacity and volume.

  • It is stiffened with heavy-duty channels and high beams.¬†

  • We use forklift attachments or hook attachments for these waste skips being dumped easily.¬†

  • After disposing of the waste, we lift it through a crane or forklift and dump it at a suitable place.

  • Well suited for garden projects, general mixed waste, aggregates, bulky waste, and high-rise projects.¬†

  • Galvanized bolts/lock nuts are a complementary part of our waste skips.

  • All skip bins are made from high-quality steel for everlasting durability.¬†

  • We design waste skips suiting our client’s fleet.¬†

  • We can also paint the waste skips to fit our client’s corporate colors.

Application of Waste skips:

1. Operational waste:

Operational waste includes,

  • Empty non-hazardous drums and containers.¬†
  • Non-hazardous dredging’s of silt and vegetation¬†
  • Non-hazardous dredged litter¬†
  • Liquid wastes like non-flammable paint and oil.
  • Risk-free electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • Unidentified gas cylinders that cannot be returned to the owner.¬†
  • Non-hazardous Timber/wood will include redundant lock gates, balance beams, and associated items. These materials are generally hardwood and, while not suitable for use as originally intended, can reuse/recycling.¬†
  • Tires (with and without rims)¬†
  • Scrap metal¬†
  • Non-hazardous mixed construction, demolition, and excavation waste can be made up of a variety of materials, many of which can be recycled, such as concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics, mixed metals, wood (including canal lock gates), soil, and stones, gypsum-based construction site materials such as plaster and plasterboard.¬†

2. Industrial Waste:

The industrial waste includes,


  • Solid waste of various materials in industrial services, including paper, cardboard, plastics, packaging materials, wood, and scrap metal.¬†
  • Industrial solid waste contains metals, demolition materials, medical waste, ashes, packaging, chemicals, plastics, and other hazardous materials.
  • Dangerous byproducts of materials generated by factories, farms, construction sites, laboratories, garages, hospitals, particular production, and manufacturing plants.¬†
  • Sludge from industries contains toxins, which are harmful to the environment.¬†

3. Commercial waste

The commercial waste includes,

  • In the commercial sector, such as construction organizations, waste management forms an essential part of the business.¬†
  • Everything from building materials such as timber, electrical wire, metals, plasterboard, and soil will need to be removed quickly, efficiently, and reliable to keep the building site moving.

4. Domestic waste:

Domestic waste includes,

  • Garbage and waste are dumped from households.¬†
  • It can include food materials, fabric, plastics, metal, paper, cardboard, rubber, wood, chemicals, etc.¬†
  • Domestic waste can be organic or inorganic.¬†
  • Most of the food waste generated in household premises is organic. Batteries, electronics, and metals are inorganic waste.
  • Discarded mattresses and furniture form a significant component of household waste.¬†
  • Chemicals from household cleaners add to pollution in water sources.¬†

Types of Waste Skips:

There are six skip categories, which are determined by size and shape: 

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Mini Skips:

Mini skip is a minor type of waste skip, and it can hold approximately 25 black bin bags. It can be easily used for domestic waste management. Whether it's for garden clean-ups, bathroom or kitchen renovation, redecoration, or refit purposes, a mini skip bin is the best option.

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Mini Skips:

Midi skip is also a smaller type of waste skip and easier to handle. It has the capacity of 45-55 black bin bags. Midi skips are perfect for properly disposing of moderate amounts of domestic waste. 

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Builders Skips

Builder skip is an 8 Yard skip ideal for builder's waste, household clearances, industrial waste, and commercial waste management. It is an all-rounder and the largest skips that can be positioned on the road with the relevant skip permit. 

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Maxi Skips

Maxi skip is used for massive revamped, house, or office clearance. It holds the capacity of 90-110 bin bags but cannot be filled with heavy waste materials like bricks and soil because the skip lorry would not carry it.

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Roll-on Roll-off Skips

Roll-on Roll-off skips are basically 'truck attachments' that can carry vast volumes of waste at one time and unload with ease at the other end.

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Lockable Skips

A lockable skip is an enclosed skip that can be locked to prevent undesirable access. Lockable skips are helpful in many applications, preventing unwanted waste from being added to your skip and ensuring that waste is not removed from your skip without your permission.