Al Safrik Steel has a separate division catering for the needs of government and private companies. The company has fabricated custom fences for Dubai Road Transport Authority for the past seven years and security fences for Dubai Police for the past six years. Al-Safrik Steels specializes in the supply of Fencing in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Al-Safrik Steel’s Fencing is well-built and comes with a longer lifetime. Our fencing is manufactured exclusively in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

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We manufacture all kinds of fencing like Dubai Police Fencing Barrier, Steel panel temporary Fencing & Hoarding covering all the emirates, supply and installation of Chain-link Fence with all systems, Gates sliding and swing type, Pole Barrier, and security System.

What is Fencing?

Fencing is a type of barrier used to distribute or shut off an area. It acts as a boundary to exclude people from a specific area or to set a proper border.

Why Al-Safrik Steel’s Fencing?

  • Our expert engineers are designing fences keeping quality control, high performance and improving the structural design.
  • Our skilled team uses high tensile strength steel for Fences, and the latest computer technology is used to attain the exact dimension required by the client. 
  • Al-Safrik Steels is solely supplying different types of fencing for other companies in the UAE. 
  • Having an incredible history of manufacturing industrial products, we satisfy our clients by providing rugged and reliable products that last for years.
  • We provide you with exclusive and personalized accessories.
  • Customize with open mesh to closed mesh, taped seams, vents, and pre-installed grommets. We offer our clients a fence screen project with the proper sun, wind, and rain blockage level. 
  • The fence screen that we are manufacturing are easily movable and installed quickly with hog ring pliers, elastic ball ties, or automatic plastic ties
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Specifications of Fence Screen:

  • Available in Green or Black Colours
  • Overall Dimensions 150′ Wide x 5’8″ High Rolls – Fits 6′ High Fences
  • 85% Privacy Blockage Allows for Superior Airflow
  • Heat Sealed, UV treated Fabric for Outdoor use
  • Reinforced Buttonholes Every 2″ Top & Bottom for Manageable Attachment
  • Includes (100) Black 11″ Fence Fasteners for Easy Installation

Types of Fencing:

There are many types of fencing. We are manufacturing the following types of fencing

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Barricades (Crowd Control Barrier)

Barricade is the arrangement used for crowd management, maintaining queues and safety purposes in massive scale Events. We are manufacturing barricades for many private companies in the Gulf region. These fences can be purchased or rented according to the client’s needs.

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Hoarding Fences (Temporary Fences)

It is used for adding security and prevention of undesired circumstances. It is used for Hoarding, also known as temporary fences, which are used in construction sites and are required in many Gulf places. It is a temporary structure and very easy to assemble.

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Road Fencing Barriers

It is meant to block the hazardous or forbidden areas while allowing clarity and visibility through the fencing. We manufacture road partitions using a beta fence, custom steel, and aluminium fencing.

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Emergency Chain-link

The panel is a substitute for hoarding to block a domain and prevent intrusions. It could be a permanent solution to use around houses, parks or roads or a temporary solution for emergencies.

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Silt Fencing

Silt fencing is used to control sediment on construction sites to protect the quality of water. It is cheap and simple in design. We have manufactured these fences to prevent erosion and retain deposits where the soil is being disturbed by construction processes.

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Mesh Partition

We have made mesh partitions for various private and public companies in the region to use the space for storage and keep machinery. We are providing different warehouse partition solutions best suited to store inventory as well as protect it.

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Hesco Barriers Bastions/Gabions

The HESCO bastion is an advanced gabion used to regulate flood and military ramparts. Pioneer bastions were manufactured for private companies in Africa to protect an area from intrusion and erosion. We are manufacturing HESCO barriers in Abu Dhabi and supplying them to all the gulf regions.

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Manhole Barriers

Shaft barriers or Manhole Barriers protect field workers and the public and raise safety by decreasing the risk of someone falling on an exposed deck or drilling during construction or road works. Protection against possible falls into open maintenance holes. These helpful products are essential to many constructions and road repair jobs and help protect the workforce and the citizens.


Al-Safrik Steel’s Fencing has a variety of applications. Major Applications are listed below:

  • Parking 
  • Restaurants 
  • Street Fairs
  • Police Activities
  • Construction sites
  • Airports
  • Stadium
  • Theatres
  • Casinos
  • Convention Centers
  • Military
  • Sporting events