Forklift Hook Attachment

Are you looking for the Forklift Hook Attachment that suits your required capacity and is fully customizable? Al-Safrik Steels provides you with a wide choice of customizable and sturdy Forklift Hook Attachments.

Al-Safrik Steel’s Forklift Hook Attachment:

Al-Safrik Steels exclusively manufactures Forklift Hook Attachments in Dubai for its clients in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. All the industries around the Gulf region have put their trust in Al-Safrik Steels for the last decade. We provide our clients with a wide range of Forklift Hook Attachments to suit clients’ needs. There is a wide range of Forklift Hook Attachments from low profile to high profile. Our standard pre-engineered forklift attachments are made in heavy construction to increase the life and durability of the product. Our expert team designs fully customized forklift attachments by keeping quality control and exact dimensions. We provide an outstanding variety of forklift attachments and crane attachments with super-fast delivery straight from stock.

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What is a Forklift Hook Attachment?

Forklift Hook Attachment is a lifting solution through which any imaginable loads can be lifted, pulled, pushed, clamped, side shifted, and rotated in any possible direction. It acts as a slip-on attachment that allows the forklift to pick up loads through a lifting eye or using a sling. It is a unique material handling product that helps your work become efficient and quick.


  • Capacity: 2500 kgs
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Easy and convenient installation.
  • Shackle and swivel hook makes it complete.
  • The safety catch is included in the swivel hook.
  • Through thumb screws, they are securely fixed to forks.


  • Warehouses 
  • Factories
  • Industrial job sites
  • Farms
  • Ranches
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How does Forklift Hook Attachment work?

You can drastically enhance the capability of the forklift by turning it into multi-purpose handling equipment just by adding a hook attachment. These attachments are used to cut off the manual input from the lifting process and are used with an already present forklift to hoist, scoop or clamp any load. Hook attachments convert your forklift into a mini hoist. 

Why Only Al-Safrik’s Forklift Hook Attachment?

  • Our engineered forklift hook attachments are becoming some of the most advanced lifting solutions ever seen. 
  • Our design and engineering team are working extensively with clients in the oil & gas sector to develop lifting systems that will enable the large-scale lifts of fragile components with absolute precision & safety.
  • Our modular forklift hook attachment is economical and can be used repeatedly for many years.
  • Al-Safrik Steel offers hook and attachment options for our client’s hoists and blowout preventer handling systems. 
  • Hoist massive loads efficiently and securely with a crane hook attachment for a straight-mast or extendable-reach forklift. This heavy-duty and durable forklift’s lifting capacity is up to 22,000 lbs. You can trust Al-Safrik Steels with all your material handling needs.
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Forklift Hook Attachment Inspection and Maintenance

Forklift Hook attachments should be periodically inspected, and load tested by a qualified inspection officer to ensure the attachment is in safe operational order.

Proper inspection includes:

    • Inspect the whole system for any wear and tear or damage, pay particular attention to critical points
    • Check to make sure the hook and shackle are in safe working order
    • All forklift operators must be retrained to operate any new hook attachment safely.
    • The additional weight could potentially overload a forklift causing it to tip over due to a change in the unit’s center of gravity.

Safety Measures:

  • Check the hooks before use to ensure they are securely fitted to the forklifts and will not come loose during operation.
  • Forklifts should always be leveled or tilted slightly upwards when the hook is attached to decrease the likelihood of the forklift tipping over.
  • Hooks are specifically designed to only lift loads vertically; they shouldn’t be used to pull or swing loads. Using tag lines can help reduce any swinging.
  • Hook attachments should only be used when the forklift is on level ground; they should not be used when working on an incline.
  • Before operating a forklift with the hook attached, the operator must be properly trained and certified on using the forklift and the attachment.