Container Conversion

Container conversion is famous for its portability, longevity, security, and strength, making it an ideal structure from which to build for several uses at a cost that beats traditional buildings. These are available in two styles, 40ft and 20ft. They represent excellent value for money as the beginning point for container conversions. These are durable, modern, and versatile and cover various objectives, from pop-up shops to animal shelters. Al Safrik Steel is a leading name in the UAE fabrication industry. We create bespoke conversions per industry standards in stock, such as chemical stores and offices.

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Why do you need Al Safrik Steel Container Conversion?

These containers are excellent solutions for people searching for immediate space because they are sturdy, modular, and secure. At Al Safrik Steel, we modify and convert them into a virtual space. With their highly durable and rugged nature, we source and deliver them to all the locations in the UAE and middle east countries you need. We help expand your areas by stacking and joining multiple units. The convenience with which container conversion can be deployed makes them an excellent solution. These are great items because of their plug-and-play solutions whether you require training rooms, medical facilities, accommodation, and office space.

You can place your order for custom project delivery on time and with customized specifications. We offer you complete access to the best containers. So, you will enjoy tailored, specialized, and standard conversions with us. Our expert team of In-House engineering and design experts can provide you with the best product for your workplace, factory, and construction site to utilize safe storage space and design experts. It is a turnkey solution from idea inspection to site mobilization.

What do we do?

We deliver the below services for luxury and high-end building requirements.

  1. Site supervision
  2. Build and Design
  3. Interior Design
  4. Architecture

Container Conversion:

We transform all your imaginations into reality, utilizing them. We use 40ft and 20ft containers to make a variety of spaces like modern shops/stalls, changing rooms, school classrooms, kitchens, retail zones, medical clinics, ablutions, accommodations units, site offices and many more.

Custom Fabrication:

You will love our bespoke build and design. We adopt container modification solutions that meet our client’s vision for a comfortable, productive space. Moreover, we assure you that the projects meet your needs and get them within your budget.

Container Sales and Storage:

We always stock several units of containers for leasing, trading, and conversion purposes. They are available in two sizes, 20FT and 40FT containers, in various types, including long-term lease, flat racks, high cube, standard, and others.

Which Types of Container Conversions do we Offer?

Al Safrik Steel are specialists in modifying ISO shipping containers into all manners of things such as workshops, welfare units, offices, and several other bespoke applications, all configured to the specifications per your demand. Due to their strength and size, ISO containers are extremely useful.

Converted Container Storage Solution:

We specialize in taking ISO containers and turning them into all manners of things for the storage purpose. Due to their suitable strength and size, these items lend themselves to be highly compliant.

Converted Container Offices and Welfare:

Our dedicated team fabricates an office to your bespoke requirements from the color choices to the layout inside. The perks of containers are a drop off to the site, and they are cost-effective and self-contained.

Ā Converted Container Lab and Workshops:

We can help you make various workshops, bespoke to your needs. The advantages of the containers are a drop to site solutions, cost-effective and many more.

Shipping Containers:

As per the modern trends, if you want to ship your products in a great space in your working area in the office, thenĀ shipping containers are the ideal choice for an extension. These are less expensive and highly stylish to add allure to your living area. You can manufacture these containers as per your desire and modern styles. These are suitable to install in the wide-area or the compound of the factory yard.

Containers for Storage:

These spacious containers are perfect for security and storing the products at the site. The main aim of the standard containers is fulfilled by maintaining standards of storage. Residentā€™s choice goes with more comfortable and luxury options. Most of the containers are useful for the various storage needs. The ordinary containers usually fail to meet the standards. Mostly purpose of assuring security and privacy is not assured. To get over it, residents choose the most eminent and proficient service providers to maintain security. All the apartments are allowed to avail this facility by the building management by installing internal shutters. Pay for their services and get the things done properly.

Offers External security:

These containers are ideal for staff accommodation and other uses on the site. When you offer food at your site, you can accommodate your labor in theseĀ container homes. Things worsen when a festival or special occasion forces you to host many people. You need complete privacy and security. These shipping containers play a vital role. You cannot fix it by yourself. You can hire our team to install them in your site area. Assure the proper privacy by viewing it physically.

Let Us maintain the indoor of the container:

Maintaining the interior is very important. For repairing the inside, it is important to hire a team. Our building management team also handles all the internal maintenance issues by assigning tasks to professionals. The team assures the maintenance is done with great care. For maintaining a standard life, time to time maintenance usually bring you the ease in handling problems before appearing in their worst shape, so, rapid maintenance saves you from bigger damage.

Are these safe?

The answer to this question can be given in many ways but Al Safrik Steel will ensure the security. These containers can provide you the best security during your stay. Their construction assures maximum security. The introduction of modern tools for enhancing security is also available in this apartment. Moreover, if there is a need for enhancing it, loading the container with modern technology becomes essential.