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Al-Safrik Steel manufactures its quality products in Abu Dhabi, which are sold all around the Gulf region, including Dubai, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Not only you will get quality products, but we provide you with the customization and an expert team that can evaluate your needs. Our customer services are on the go to provide our clients with valuable insights related to their products. We fully acknowledge the measurements asked by the clients. Al-Safrik Steel is manufacturing Pipe Cradle for our clients for their upcoming projects. We pride ourselves on providing both high-quality products and services. We are constantly adding innovative and new solutions to meet our client’s needs. Contact us today, and we will be your go-to supplier for all of your projects.

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What is Pipe Cradle?

The Pipe Cradle holds the reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) in place. RCP is a standard huge pipe used in numerous construction and industrial projects. RCP is Used for sanitation systems, storm sewers, irrigation, culverts, water management, and treatment plant channeling; reinforced concrete piping is a mainstay in modern city planning and industrial work. Pipe Cradle allows rotation while cutting to achieve a stable configuration and a safer process. It has been designed so the outer wheel assemblies can be adjusted into different positions to accommodate various pipe sizes. Its other names are pipeline cradle or pipe roller cradle.

Key Features of Pipe Cradle:

While our clients can customize the product according to their needs but following are the features of the Pipe cradle that Al-Safrik Steel provides,

  • The Pipe sizes range from Ø300mm to Ø1400mm OD
  • The maximum working Load of the Pipe cradle is 4500 Kg to 6000 Kg
  • Overall Dimensions are L2500 x W1200 x H500 (mm)
  • Shipping Weight is around 370Kg
  • Our pipe cradle can effectively support and roll pipe at the entrance of pipeline crossings.
  • Material of Construction is Mild Steel & Galvanised

Advantages of Pipe Cradle

Following are the significant advantages of a pipe cradle:

  • One size of pipe cradle can handle a variety of pipe sizes.
  • It increases the performance and ease of laydown operation using ball bearings with a dust collector cover.
  • Heavy-duty polyurethane rollers eliminate pipe coating from getting damaged.
  • The pipe can be kept close to the ground for easier handling during installation.
  • It prevents system locking and imbalance between components, substituting rollers with metal sheets and suitable springs.
  • The cable can easily be adjusted that are used in different sizes of pipes.
  • It has the Capability of changing damaged Rollers.
  • Pipe cradle helps in Saving in human resources.

Quick disassembly for transport and storage due to its unique design.

Components of Pipe Cradle:

Following are the significant components of the pipe cradle that enhances the technical specifications of our product:

  • Rope layout with grid
  • Rope holder latches
  • Steel supporting ropes
  • Balancers
  • Steel rope tie locks.
  • Roller Cradle’sCradle’s body is made of metal pipe.
  • Rope housing locking screws
  • Motion pulleys, suspension springs, rope stabilizers and steel rope locks
  • Suspension Springs
  • Movable rollers with rubber coating.



With advanced technology and creativity to provide superior products, Al-Safrik Steel fulfils the customer’s requirements. Al-Safrik Steels’ highly sophisticated and advanced machines match the stringent quality standards of the international market and have made a distinct mark for their unmatched quality and absolute reliability. We have a team of highly competent design engineers committed to creating customized products like face protection equipment, traffic safety equipment and others. They can easily design a part, produce a prototype, and build industrial and construction nets. We have positioned ourselves as pioneers in the industry by experimenting with new material formulations resulting in reliable products.

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