Forklift Bag Filler

Forklift bag filler is designed to fill the big bags installed on the lift truck’s forks. The bag filler UAE makes it easy, safe and fast, and the sizeable volumetric capacity bags that can be filled with it.  The Forklift bag filler can be used to fill different types of material, including:

  1. Sand
  2. Seeds
  3. Ration
  4. Fertilizer and many other types of filler.

The forklift bag fillers are made of robust steel and can carry tons of heavy bags. They are available in different shapes and sizes, but many merchants ask for customized bag fillers. The machine is all in one unit where it can load material into the hopper, evaluate the loaded material and make it ready for sale. The main focus of installing the single unit forklift bag filler is to increase the productivity and growth of any business by keeping manual safety in mind. It allows weighing the bulk material filled into big bags, and a single person can perform the whole function.

The bag filler can speed up the operation, and small business owners can also utilize it. They can install the unit and start bulk bag filling operations without installing big plants and machinery.

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The Forklift bag fillers come with the following features:

  1. The bag filler in Dubai has heavy-duty gussets installed to ensure safety and durability in the long and harsh working environment.
  2. For the easy and fast location for suspending huge bags, hook profiles are added underside the bag filler.
  3. Average bag filler has a large capacity hopper up to 2000 mm wide, 740 mm long and 1170 mm deep and enough space to fill the entire bag.
  4. It allows quick fitment from the large fork pocket to the truck fork and gives rapid changeover from handling to bag pallet handling.
  5. For lifetime resilience, it has heavy-duty steel tapered sides that are located under the carriage, which is essential for strength.
  6. It is certified with CE denoted as the certificated of Conformity for Health & Safety Regulations.
  7. The forklift bag filler is designed to fill large and various types of materials with easy to fill process.
  8. Undoubtedly, it’s an economical solution for small business holders.
  9. One person can operate it without any problem.

Moreover, the customized option is also available where customers can order it in different options, including sizes, weight, receipt printer or display-only mode.

Why does the need come to fill the big bags with an automatic filling system?

Big bags in Abu Dhabi are considered the best for packaging bulk dry material. These super sacks are easy to fill and transport; therefore, almost all the companies sending different types of supplies around the globe prefer them. To make the extensive bag filling process fast and smooth, forklift bag filler is essential. After installing the machine, the company will get the following benefits:

  1. It will minimize human interference and make it an economical choice.
  2. The bag filler decreases the chances of error and completes the task quickly.
  3. It will also increase workplace safety.
  4. More importantly, it will enhance productivity.

The market is full of competition, and to meet the requirement of current marketing trends, it is essential to take precautions for growth and productivity. Installing a single-unit bag filler can enhance your productivity and reduce manual stress. The machine will efficiently deliver error-free performance for sure.

It is not easy for a person to deal with bulk bags, and only a machine can handle them without wasting any time. The forklift bag filler Dubai is made by keeping safety and Ergonomics rules in mind. So, leave all the worries behind, and order it today for fast and efficient work deliveries.

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