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Bollards are vertical posts that are made to use as preventive and architectural boundaries. They are used or mark boundaries for traffic. Bollards are available in different sizes and shapes to stand in fixed positions. These bollards are constructed to protect people and their property. They can be used on ports to tow a ship with it. They can be available in different styles but the main purpose of these bollards is to provide resistance against impact forces. They can be constructed with different materials, like metals, stone, steel, stainless steel, or plastic. But we use high-quality stainless-steel material to make them strong.

Our design is best and according to European standards, by using the high-quality structure of stainless steel. We can construct your bollards according to your need and recommendations on different standards also, to fulfill your requirements at different levels. We constructed bollards for several companies like Dubai Aluminum Co Ltd, ADNOZ LTD, Emirates Global Aluminum, and many large-scale industries. 

Al-Safrik Steel Bollards
Al-Safrik Steel Bollards

Bollard Features:

We make bollards with specific features, including;

  • They offer high resistance against chemicals and bad weather
  • Provides good security and locking operations.
  • Bollards are preventive architectural perimeters.
  • Not much expensive and simple to set up.
  • Can be removed and locked easily
  • Have reflective tapes on the surface to warn
  • They come in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Using bollards clutters around the storefront can be avoided.
  • The complete mechanism of Anti-theft.

Types of Bollards

We make different types of bollards, but the most common are some following,

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Embedded Bollards

This type of bollard is embedded in the ground very deeply. This is basically for additional security and to provide strength. We made this type of bollard with stainless steel of high quality. These bollards are strong enough as the base where it has to be buried. The base of this type of bollard is buried deeply in concrete, to make the base strong. These are used in towing heavy ships like things.

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Surface Mounted

The anchor system is used in this kind of bollard, usually mechanical and this is mounted on the surface. This type of bollard is inexpensive and not much secure but can be used where weak links are required. This cannot bear much impact; the anchors are weak and not more than a psychological barrier. 

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Automatic Bollards

These kinds of bollards can be controlled easily. They are simple to access, so we make automatic bollards. Bollards can be easily be lowered or raised without doing manual. These are for the people who have no spare time to control them. 

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Flexible Bollards

We make durable bollards for delineation. These can be used in heavy traffic areas, as they are highly visible.

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Removable Bollards

Every type of bollard is not needed to be permanent. Or not every bollard needs access to prevent. So, we design removable and lockable bollards to permit the owner. This may use where the traveler wants to access a short area and it is denied by using bollards. The purpose is achieved in different ways. One of the technologies is the method of pipe in a tube, here the socket is made in the ground. Then the bollard will be removed, after granting access. This method is also not costly. But it needs a complete intervention to have access to the area. Another method is by using pivoting bollards. A holding pin is used to lock bollards straight in normal circumstances. And the bollard is removed or laid down when the vehicle has passed by it. This type of bollard is simply used to give clearance of vehicles. 

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Decorative Bollards

Are you thinking that all bollards are dull? We make bollards that are not only secure an area but also a complete design for the buildings and other landscapes.

Bollard Applications

  1. Bollards are performing a very important part in security because they can protect sensitive regions against invasions of vehicles without disturbing pedestrians. 
  2. Bases of Military and hospitals use bollards to control the traffic and keep away them from a particular area, there the collapsible bollards are useful
  3. Public transport areas use bollards to distinguish traffic from one another. 
  4. The main advantage of bollard is, it does not disturb the movement of pedestrians, as by using specific space between them passengers can freely move with their trolleys and suitcases.
  5. These can be used in different industries according to requirements. It depends upon how much load combination is demanded. What type of bollard is required; what kind of adhesion is done on the surface while designing it.
  6. Where we need a flush surface after removal of bollards, then we use removable bollards. When there is any festival or roadblock, that may be occasionally, these bollards are ideal to use. 

Construction and Configuration:

We make bollards by using stainless steel material, as stainless steel has the quality to resist wear and corrosion. 

Grade of stainless steel

We make bollards of stainless steel and mild steel. Commonly used grades of stainless steel are 316, 316L, and 304. The main thing that makes these grades special, it contains molybdenum. That is an alloy that enhances the resistance to chloride environments. These grades are according to the USA standards for stainless steel grating.

1. SS 304

This grade steel (stainless) is commonly used all over the world, due to its excellent quality and value. 16 to 24 percent of chromium is added along with 35% of nickel, it also has a little amount of manganese and carbon.

Its most used kind is stainless steel of 18-8, that have a ratio of 18% chromium along with 8% nickel.

2. SS 316 and 316L:

It is the 2nd most used kind of steel (stainless). It contains almost all the same properties as SS 304, the main difference is it has about 2 to 3% molybdenum. This addition provides resistance against industrial solvents.

Bollard's Capacity:

These bollards are made of steel pipes that are embedded about 4 feet inside the concrete surface. Because bollards have to stop about 4,500 or more pounds of weight. Commonly 6 inches pipes are used that are filled with concrete. Concrete will add more strength to stop the heavy forced objects. 


We used to do different types of finishes on bollards of stainless steel to cover it. We usually cover it by using mirror finishing and polished finishing on SS. We also do brushed finishing in some cases which are also called hairline finish. Hairline finishing stays for a long time and gives a better look. MS bollards are finished by using red oxide paints and primers.

Safety Bollards:

Safety or security bollards are used to ensure the safety of a specific area or any building. It is one of the essential types of bollards that play an important role in restricted parking access and provide full prove security assurance. Al-Safrik Steel has a wide range of removable safety bollards that can be installed or uninstalled easily. No one will take your parking space as these bollards can act like strong barriers.

By look security, bollards are short and sturdy vertical-shaped posts. They are strong enough to absorb the extreme impact level. They are commonly found in public places, including parks, shopping centres, and hospitals, for the safety of pedestrians. Safety bollards are also available in two types:

  1. Permanent
  2. Removable

Al Safrik steel produces customized bollards in different sizes and shapes that you can utilize according to your need. If you are looking for a long-lasting and cost-effective safety solution, install security bollards today.

U-shaped bollards:

For the protection of wider areas, U-shaped bollards are installed. It’s a 90-degree bend surface-mounted product with a pipe for more coverage. They are commonly found at gas stations, traffic lines, parking areas and around equipment.

U-Shaped design helps protect the building or equipment from the wider side. They also come in different sizes, and you can also take customize option. If we talk about the weight of U-shaped bollards, they are heavy-duty but cost-effective.

Moreover, U-shaped bollards are available in different heights and lengths that can be customized as per the client’s demand.