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6 Misconceptions about Custom Metal Fabrication

What is Custom Metal Fabrication?

Custom metal fabrication is a process that uses a wide range of industrial tools and equipment. These tools can cut, bend, roll, and join metal into complex shapes and packs. Experts who perform this job are metal fabricators. They use metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and more. Detailers and drafters form the maps and designs for these products and provide them to fabricators. And then, Custom metal fabricators fabricate the metal into different products. Metal fabrication is massive for almost every industry. Its application ranges from domestic to commercial use. There are certain misconceptions about Custom metal fabrication that we will be discussing in this blog.


Here are the 6 common misconceptions about Custom metal fabrication.

The best bargain is the cheapest one:

It is essential to prepare a budget while conducting research for a new Custom metal fabrication project. Shopping around for the best price is necessary. It will ensure the project’s financial success. But we should keep in mind that the lowest price from a fabricator will not always provide us with a better ROI. As the famous saying goes, “Buy expensive and cry once, buy cheap and cry often.”

When competing for your Custom metal fabrication business, you may compete solely on price. But on the other hand, the overall value of your work may affect. There is a difference between cost and quality. Finding a happy and less costly medium is advantageous, but investing in weight will result in a higher return on investment on your project.

A less than your budget bid does not imply that you will get an improved return on your investment. When looking for Custom metal fabrication collaborators, we must consider that most are not fully equipped. It means there could be additional expenses. These expenses can be in the shape of outside contract workers, poor quality control, or a communication gap. All of the problems could lead to costly mistakes. Automakers can find a full-service metal fabricator rather than simply demanding bids for a project or part. Those fabricators will be eager to learn more about the nature of their business, processes, and customers.

All Fabrication organizations provide the same products and services:

A fabrication company may provide one or many Custom metal fabrication services. But services vary greatly from store to store. So it is a huge misconception that all metal fabrication companies are the same. We should choose the best company that fulfills the conditions of our project. It is vital to find a Custom metal fabrication company that provides the services we need to complete our project to our satisfaction. We have to evaluate the capabilities of a metal fabrication company.

Firstly, a workshop must perform the fabrication method needed to complete the geometry of our specific part. It must be familiar with the materials used to fabricate it. We have to ensure that the fabrication company also serves our industry. And the Custom metal fabrication workshop should have the necessary space for our project. The structure should be big enough to accommodate all our requirements. We must keep in mind all the mentioned factors while choosing a company for our product.

The expertise and need of an engineer reduce if the client has a design:

A vital element for Custom metal fabrication is that the structure to be fabricated is predesigned. It is the job of detailers and drafters to create a product design. One of the common misconceptions regarding fabrication is that we don’t need engineers if our design is ready. But, there must be a collaboration between the designers and engineers. Even if the design is prepared, the input of engineers is still required.

Before starting fabrication, we should make sure that all required pieces are in place. The next step is to analyze metal design concepts. Professionals need to examine these designs into parts. And only after that, the visualization process can begin. Presenting your plan and design does not eliminate the need for input from an engineer. However, developing a product from vision to manufacturing necessitates engineering input at every stage. Even after having to submit a final design for a project, testing and prototyping still require the expertise of an engineer. Engineers and fabricators collaborate throughout the process to ensure that the end products function as planned.

You don’t need to inspect the product if the process went smoothly:

Moving on, another misconception about Custom metal fabrication is that you don’t need to inspect the final product in specific scenarios. One of them is if an experienced fabricator is working on the project. Or if everything during the process has gone smoothly. But in reality, inspections are always critical after the fabrication process. When looking for fabricators, we should look for a company with product testing experts on staff. They must be willing to collaborate with third-party inspectors as well. It is essential for quality control. And it will guarantee that the final product meets the code.

It is easier to maintain quality control if it provides full-service fabrication under one roof. Inspectors must check if the fabricators construct all assemblies and subassemblies. It is vital to ensure everything fits properly. To make sure that the product is working as it should have. In addition to that, everything should be documented as part of our fabrication partner’s quality control.

You don’t need a facility tour if the fabricator seems to know what he is talking about:

It is natural to think that if a fabricator seems to know what he is talking about, he must be the best choice. We should rely only on the presentation skills of a fabricator. But It is important to have a tour of the workshop. We have to ensure that the experts have resources to back up their claims. Only then can we reach a sound decision regarding the fabricator.

Consider working with a full-service fabrication firm. The firm you choose must have experts on its staff. And it provides and oversees cutting, forming, assembly, finishing, and installation under one roof. They should also have the physical space, tooling, and equipment necessary to complete your projects. Deadlines are essential, so they must complete the project on time, every time. There is also an edge in working with a partner who can maintain strict quality control from production all the way to installation.

Any metals can be used for any product:

Custom metal fabrication is the process that uses different types of metals to form products. Some applications even require specialty metals. For that reason, Custom metal fabrication also employs metallurgy when needed. It helps to determine the best metal for the job. Fabricators use common metals such as:

  • Carbon Steel.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Aluminum.
  • Copper.
  • Magnesium.
  • Brass.

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