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Structural steel fabrication is the process of fabricating steel into several steel products. These products are helpful for the manufacturing industry, construction industry, food processing industry, chemical industry, and more. UAE is an epicenter of trade and construction businesses in the world. There is considerable demand and industry for these steel products in UAE. The fabrication process can be done on-site or in a workshop. The steel fabrication workshops in the UAE are getting advanced with time. Moreover, the advancements ensure high precision in the quality of steel products in the UAE. In this blog, we will look at some essential steel products. These steel products are vital for the safe and proper functioning of different industries in the UAE and worldwide.

Forklift Attachments: 

We use Forklift in large warehouses and storage facilities. It is a small industrial vehicle. It has a platform attached to the front. The power source such as batteries operates that platform. The platform helps in lowering, raising, and moving heavy materials. We can use different types of steel products with forklifts as extensions. These extensions are called forklift attachments. Different attachment performs different functions. 

5 vital Forklift Attachments:

Following steel products are the five essential forklift attachments. 

  1. Forklift Self-dumping hoppers: Out of many steel products, a Self-dumping hopper is one of the Forklift attachments. It contains a large container. The operator can dump the material without directly coming in contact. Typically the self-dumping hoppers in UAE range in size from 0.75 CBM to 3CBM. However, it mostly depends on the size of the Forklift or the requirement of clients.
  2. Forklift Hook Attachment: This steel product converts Forklift into a moving crane. It comes with shackles and a swivel hook. Therefore, it’s easy to attach to Forklift and lift materials to move from one place to other.
  3. Forklift Mounted man baskets: They are the steel products also called forklift baskets or work platforms. The operators use mounted man baskets to carry one or two active personnel and lift them. Lifting workers can be risky, therefore mounted man basket comes with safety mesh around it. It also has a safety lock and chain.
  4. Forklift Jib Crane: Jib attachment is a common type of forklift attachment. They can easily slide and fit in forklift blades. Forklift jibs contain a hook at the end. So, that it’s easy for the operators to lift and move heavy objects. The size and specification of this steel product in the UAE differ according to the client’s requirements.
  5. Forklift Extension: professionals use this steel product to increase the range of blades of forklifts. The blades are also called tines or forks. Forklift extensions increase the capability and functions of forklifts.

Steel Pallets:

A pallet is a flat structure that the operators use as a platform. They use it to transport materials by forklift and pallet jacks. Pallets keep the goods stable during mobility. Steel pallets are more durable and sustainable than standard pallets. They are the steel products in the UAE that play a significant role in packaging and handling the workshop’s environment. Steel pallets are essential for manufacturing, food processing, construction, and chemical industries.

7 essential features of Steel pallets:

 If we look at some of the salient features of steel pallets in Dubai, well know that they are:

  1. They are customizable.
  2. Steel pallets are fire and corrosion-resistant.
  3. They are considerably Cheap concerning productivity and lifespan.
  4. The operational stability of steel pallets in the UAE is high.
  5. They are strong, durable, and recyclable.
  6. Steel pallets are sterilized to keep them hygienic.
  7. They are resistant to weather effects.

Spreader Beam:

Spreader beams are steel products that can lift heavy loads. Moreover, Spreader beams consist of a long bar holding two slings. The bar is attached to a heavy vehicle, providing support and stability. A spreader separates the slings. It helps hold heavy loads to lift, move, and place effortlessly. The size and capacity of this steel product in Dubai differ concerning the client’s requirements. Contrary to the standard lifting beam, which puts bending stress to lift loads. The spreader beam puts compressive stress and reduces bending stress to lift heavy loads.

5 vital features of Spreader Beams:

The spreader beams are:

  1. Economical
  2. Efficient
  3. Light in weight
  4. Safer than lifting beams
  5. Suitable for heavy loads

Wheel Riser: 

Loading docks are a perilous and hazardous section of a workplace. It’s essential to take safety measures at loading docks to avoid hazards. Therefore, wheel riser is one of many safety measures that experts take at the workplace. It is a steel product used to position heavy loading vehicles like trucks and trailers properly. It helps the vehicle position correctly at loading docks for loading and unloading cargoes. Wheel riser ensures that the loading and uploading process carries out smoothly and safely.

4 essential features of Wheel Riser:

A wheel riser in UAE has the following essential features.

  1. Engineers use welded and powder-coated steel for wheel risers.
  2. Size and dimensions are customizable according to the clients’ requirements.
  3. We can move wheel risers from one place to another and fix them in one place.
  4. Wheel risers in Dubai are durable, flexible, and sustainable.

Pipe Supports: 

Pipe supports are steel products fabricated to give support to the steel pipes. There are two types of pipe supports.

  1. Primary pipe supports: Primary supports are supports directly attached to the pipes.
  2. Secondary pipe supports: These steel products support the structures supporting the pipes.

2 types of Pipe Support Products in the UAE: 

The two types of pipe supports in the UAE are:

  • Pipe Saddles: Pipe Saddle is the primary support made of steel. It completely cradles the pipe and, in turn, transfers the whole weight of the pipe to the support base. Pipe saddles provide support to the pipes and elevate them, making them more resistant to corrosion. The pipe saddle has essentially two parts.  The first part is the saddle. It supports the pipe. The second part is the base. It transfers a load of pipe from the pipe on itself. 
  • Pipe Rigging Rollers: This steel product provides an efficient way of supporting and moving heavy pipes. It is helpful to install pipes in tight and enclosed areas such as pipe racks. Pipe rigging rollers offer a unique clamping mechanism that supports, move, and fastens safely and quickly.

Loading Ramps: 

It is a steel product with a flat supporting surface tilted at an angle. The ramps are used for loading or unloading heavy objects from a container or vehicle efficiently and safely. They achieve this by compensating the difference and space between the delivery point. Also, to transport vehicle by using its tilted angle. The two types of loading ramps are:

  1. Heavy-duty loading ramps:  These are light weighted and moveable ramps. The operators can quickly assemble and disassemble these ramps and move them to different places.
  2. Mobile Loading Dock ramps: The ramps have wheels that allow ramps to be mobile. The operators can safely move loading ramps from one place to another. Because of their adaptability, operators use them as forklift ramps and ground to dock ramps.

5 Features of Loading ramps:

Following are essential features of Loading ramps

  1. Lightweight or heavy, loading ramps are moveable.
  2. Loading ramps are solid and durable.
  3. The ramp can be used as storage space for the platform when not in use.
  4. Loading ramps in UAE are resistant to weather conditions and corrosion.
  5. We can also use loading ramps at warehouses, shipping yards, and industrial utilities.

Steel Trolleys: 

This steel product consists of a metal frame in the shape of a basket to carry materials, and wheels make the mobility of the trolley safe and easy. The professionals manufacture the basket from stainless, mild steel. The frame contains high-duty mesh wire, a retractable latch, and caster wheels to make it easy to move. This stainless-steel product in Dubai is durable, low maintenance, attractive, hygienic, sterilized, and sustainable. Uses of Steel trolley include store, move heavy materials, and transfer light materials.

There is a considerable application of steel trollies in:

  • Storage facilities.
  • Warehouses.
  • Restaurants.
  • Food industry
  • Factories.

Storage Cage:

Storage cage is a steel product known as wire storage mesh, security cage, or wire cage. Moreover, Storage cage is an all-purpose cage. Industry workers in the UAE use this steel product to protect industrial and commercial tangible materials. It serves the purpose of security and storage. Fabrication professionals weld heavy-duty wire to form a storage cage. This steel product aims to store materials against vandalism, theft, and more. It is for both indoor and outdoor use. Storage cages in Dubai are properly galvanized or painted.

The materials that we store in these security cages are:

  • Extra clutter.
  • Chemicals
  • Hazardous materials. 
  • Gas bottles
  • warehouse stock. 

2 types of Storage Cages in UAE:

There are two available types of this steel product in UAE in terms of material stored in the cage.

  1. Gas cylinder storage cage: Workers use these cages to protect and store chemical and gas containers. This type of cage in Dubai has galvanized roof sheets, lockable gates, and mesh sides for protection. Most workers in warehouses and chemical companies use this type of cage.
  2. Bin storage cage: Workers use these cages in UAE for keeping bins with waste or dangerous materials safe and away from children, wildlife, thieves, and more. The steel product is customizable. However, it generally doesn’t come with galvanized sheet roof.

6 Benefits of Storage Cages 

Some of the benefits of storage cages are:

  1. Store hazardous, dangerous. Delicate and waste material safely.
  2. They improve safety on site.
  3. They provide a flexible area for storage.
  4. Storage cages are durable with long service life.
  5. The cages are equally vital for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  6. They are affordable and, at the same time, are long-lasting.

Manual Gantry Crane: 

A gantry is an overhead structure like a bridge, with a platform supporting cranes and more. The crane, when built atop a gantry, is a Gantry crane. Other names of gantry cranes are portal crane, goliath crane, and portable gantry crane. This steel product in UAE is efficient for holding up barrels. Therefore it is an economical solution for lifting heavy loads. The gantry cranes can range from enormous full-size cranes to small shop cranes. The former can lift the heaviest of loads globally, while the latter is used for tasks such as lifting automobile engines out of vehicles.


Fencing is a type of steel barrier. We use fencing to distribute, segregate or shut off an area. It acts as a boundary to exclude people, animals, wildlife, and more from a chosen area or set a proper border. Fencing has a variety of applications. We use fencing in UAE in Parking areas, Restaurants, Street Fairs, Police Activities, Construction sites, Airports, Stadiums, Theatres, Casinos, Convention Centers, Sporting events, and more.

8 types of Fencing Products:

The steel product types that fall under the category of fencing are

  1. Crowd controlling barriers or barricades.
  2. Temporary hoarding fences.
  3. Road barriers.
  4. Silt fencing.
  5. Mesh partition.
  6. Emergency chain link.
  7. Gabions or HESCO bastion barriers
  8. Maintenance/utility hole barriers

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