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10 Questions to Ask Your Pipe Fabricator

Pipe fabrication is a complex job, and it needs a workforce that is qualified enough to do the job. Different materials such as pipes, elbows, flanges, and more go through cutting and welding in pipe fabrication. They are cut to form a predesigned structure. Pipe fabrication requires severe skills and resources. They are essential for carrying out the job according to your required specifications.

So, to make sure that your Pipe fabricator is the best possible choice and is up for the job, you need to ask some crucial questions. These questions will tell you what to expect from the Pipe fabricator and how well the product will be fabricated. Here are some basic and essential questions to ask your Pipe fabricator.

  • What is the qualification of the Pipe fabricator and Pipe fabrication company?

To ensure that your product is of premium quality, It would help if you asked your fabricators about their professional qualifications. You can rely on a qualified fabricator who will be able to buy material, cut weld and handle products efficiently and effectively. Also, make sure that the company has a skilled project manager. It will be helpful if they have a dedicated manager who will oversee your project from start to end.

  • How much is the experience of your Pipe fabricator in general and about the specific product to be fabricated in particular?

One of the vital factors in getting the best outcome of Pipe fabrication is knowing about your Pipe fabricator’s experience. You are a client who wants premium quality. You are spending a fortune on it. So, you don’t want it to be the fabricator’s first time constructing this product. If the Pipe fabricator has the experience, how many years of experience are we talking about here? The more, the merrier. Also, outsourcing of fabrication is widespread. So, you should question if the fabricators will do fabrication themselves or if they are going to outsource your work.

  • What type of material will the professionals use to fabricate pipe for you?

It is essential to know if the company has your preferred material for Pipe fabrication. If you don’t have a specific preference, it’s still important to know what kind of material the professionals will use. Ensure that the material that the Pipe fabricators will be using is of premium quality. Your fabricator must have a proper procurement system in place. The procurement system can significantly affect your project. Ask whether your Pipe fabricator has a strong inventory management system in place. And do they have international sourcing capabilities? All these factors will lead to a sustainable product. Moreover, a reliable relationship.

  • Do the fabricators have the essential workforce to complete the task?

The availability of engineers and designers is vital for the project. Pipe fabricators should have designers, detailers, engineering staff and more. If they don’t have the necessary staff, it will be your responsibility to provide drawings and ensure their accuracy as a client. A fabricator with an engineering team might be profitable. It will save money to have a design ready for you. An engineering team can also provide enhancements that you are unaware of. In addition, they can offer authorization drawings, pressure calculations, certifications and more. It’s also beneficial to ask questions about the operating system, such as software and more they use for shop drawing creation, designing, tracking, and monitoring.

  • Ask about the size and available space of the workshop?

You must be aware of the size of the fabrication facility. Also, how much weight it can manage. What is the number of welders it employs? The fabrication workshop should be able to handle your product, given its size and weight. Also, the number of production employees is not limited. These factors will ensure that your project will meet the deadline and required specifications.

In addition, ask your Pipe fabricator if the workshop has all the automatic and manual capabilities; it will ensure a smooth fabrication. Keep in mind the cost-effective and efficient production methods. Also, ensure the facility has those capabilities.

  • What are the production methods used by the Pipe fabricators?

One of the essential questions is the production methods Pipe fabricators will be using. Whether they are automatic or manual or both, what kinds and types of machinery does the facility have that they will use? Ensure that the professionals give importance to fundamental processes such as painting, coating and more. Pipe fabricators should not overlook them. The painting and coating methods are climate controlled or not. Fusion and thermal coatings are available or not. What is the inspection process? What kind of certification facilities do inspectors have? All these questions are essential to know about the fabricators’ production methods during the process.

  • How the Pipe fabricator maintains quality? What is the quality management procedure in the organization?

When it comes to pipe support and sustainability, quality is vital. A fabricated pipe is of no use if it isn’t following the industry’s quality standards. The client should know about the in-house testing and monitoring process the company uses. Are they using methods such as heat testing and stress relief processes? Does the product have stamps like S, U or R? A punctured pipe or weakened structure could cost you a fortune. It could also result in injuries or project delays. To ensure you’re getting high-quality pipe supports, ask your Pipe fabricator how the product protects against the heat transfer. How is it safeguarding future costs? Is it resistant to corrosion?

  • How active and responsive the customer service of the company is?

Any company can claim to provide excellent customer service. However, it’s a great thing to get a sense of how accessible the company will be to the client. Instead of inquiring about a company’s service, observe how it responds to these questions. Make sure that they will be available for you.

Pay attention to how quickly the Pipe fabricator responds during the tender or research process. If the company isn’t eager to assist you, its customer service trends are unlikely to change when you give the order of fabrication.

  • What is the price they are offering?

It is obvious to request pricing information for the product and services. To manage the pricing, have your vendor itemize and break down costs. It will help your plan the project accordingly. It also allows you as a client to tailor your purchasing strategy to your specific requirements. Always prefer and demand discounts. However, make sure that deals and discounts do not affect your pipe’s quality. Keep in mind the labour cost, product cost, delivery fee, Installation fee and any extra fee or cost while estimating your budget. Having a good package is attractive, but you should not compromise the quality of the product over price.

  • Can the Pipe fabricator ensure that they will meet the deadline?

Meeting the deadline is crucial for the success of the project. It makes no difference how good a deal or package you get if the product does not arrive in time. The fabricators should deliver it in time for you to complete a project. It’s good to communicate your delivery requirements beforehand to avoid last-minute disappointments.

Determine that the vendor knows where and when you require a product. After you’ve laid out your expectations, please inquire about the vendor’s ability to meet them.

Is your fabricator there to meet you at the last mile? It should be a requirement to have your product delivered safely and tagged for easy onsite sorting.

These are some of the essential questions you should ask while looking for a Pipe fabricator. The answers to these questions will show the dedication of the fabricators toward their job. Moreover, it will ensure that you will get your desired product, with premium quality, and within time. A qualified professional must know the answer to these questions, and as a client, all you want is an experienced, skilled Pipe fabricator.

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