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8 Factors to Consider When Buying Flatbed Trailer

If you are in the market to buy a flatbed trailer, this blog is for you. You would want to increase productivity, shorten pickup and delivery times, increase safety and make your drivers easy to handle the loads by buying the best flatbed trailer for your business. This blog will help you identify the right trailer to fulfill your business operational need. We will go through the following topics in this blog:

  • What is the flatbed trailer?
  • Specifications of the best flatbed trailer.
  • Things to keep on your checklist.

What is a Flatbed Trailer?

A flatbed trailer is a type of huge vehicle with a flat body. It is used to carry heavy, huge, wide vehicles or machinery from one place to another. It has no roof or sides around the bed. Due to its open bed is more vulnerable to serious weather conditions, but it has versatile usage.

Specifications of Best Flatbed Trailer

The actual load capacity, weight, and dimensions will differ from type to type. They are based on the specifications of the actual trailer and semi-tractor being used.

The maximum freight dimensions and weight listed below for each type of trailer is approximated. The numbers listed below should be an estimated load and freight planning guidelines. The flatbed trailer can be loaded from the top, sides, or rear, making it a primary and common asset to the flatbed trucking industry.

This trailer can accommodate freight with the maximum legal weight and dimensions below.

  • Freight Weight is 48,000 lbs.
  • Freight Dimensions include Length- 48ft.or 53ft., Width- 8ft. 6in., Height- 8ft. 6in.


Things to Keep on your Checklist

Following are the things that will help you to choose the best flatbed trailer for your business,


  1. Condition of Tires:

The first and most important thing is to check the condition of the tires. Your choice of truck tires is more important to your success as a trucker than you might realize. Tires affect almost everything you do, from your safety during inclement weather to the amount of money you spend on fuel. It stands to reason that a higher quality flatbed truck tire will offer better performance that, in the long run, will save you money and increase your productivity. Check if all the tires are replaced at the same time. Visually analyze whether all the tires are from the same brand.

  1. Brand of a Flatbed Trailer:

Select a flatbed trailer of an authentic brand. The company that manufactures all the spare parts and bodies of the trailer in one place. Choosing the right flatbed trailer is about finding the right option for the job. At Al Safrik Steel, our team is eager to help you find the best flatbed trailer that meets your needs. You can count on us to provide the best customer service during your purchasing experience.

  1. Overall condition of the Flatbed Trailer:

Check out the overall condition of the flatbed trailer before buying. See the status of the wheels and whether they are too rusty? The actual year of the trailer was manufactured. Determine if the trailer has a ratchet strap. Are the chains for fixing loads on board? Is the flatbed trailer you are selecting equipped with a trailer tarp? Whether all the backlights working properly?

Check the manufacturing year of the lights. Are the lights all the same manufacturing year? Try to see if the trailer was a part of a traffic accident if you are going for a second-hand flatbed trailer. Check the papers to see do they match the actual trailer. See if the backlights are not damaged. See if there is water inside the cab lights. Take a detailed look at the backlights if they are in LED technique.

  1. Flatbed Straps:

The axle straps will be used when securing the load on the flatbed through its axle. These prevent the load from moving while on the trailer to prevent damage. To ensure that the axle straps do not get cut by the sharp edges, Cordura sleeves can be used to protect them. Check the condition of flatbed straps.

  1. Right Type of Flatbed Trailer:

A lot depends on what you want to get out of your trailer. Choosing the right type of flatbed trailer for you will depend on what you’re hauling, where you’re hauling, and how long you’re holding onto the trailer.

If you’re looking for something flashy, maybe an aluminum trailer is the way. But, if you want something to go to work, maybe you’re looking at a combo trailer. If you need something heavy-duty, an all-steel trailer could be right.

  1. Load Capacity:

The standard maximum freight weight allowed to be carried on flatbed trucks is about 48,000 lbs. for trucks with a trailer length of between 48 to 53 feet and can also differ according to the number of axles present in the flatbed truck. How many loads will your flatbed trailer be able to carry? Check out the maximum load weight allowance. Use the E-Truck cargo system to secure the load. Try to have cargo webbing in case you need it to secure loads. A truck loading net could be great protection if loading some special loads.

  1. Your Budget:

You need to consider your ideal budget before buying a trailer. How much you would like to spend and how much you can afford. There are many affordable used flatbed trucks on sale, and it is essential to check them out to know the affordable ones that suit your budget.

  1. Consider Mileage:

It is essential to compare the odometer readings of different trailers to know the exact miles covered by the trailer. Stay away from trailers that come with many miles to be on the safe side. Most new models of the flatbed trailer have high mileage than older models, so consider the mileage of the trailer you are going for!

Wise decisions save you and your company from loss. One of the wisest decisions you could take is to buy a good quality Flatbed trailer. Selecting the best flatbed trailer will save your time and the money your company is investing. A flatbed trailer might be an expensive investment, but it will be your best friend for the longest time. Get in touch with us so you can choose the best flatbed trailer for your business.

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