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Structural Steel Fabrication: A Complete Guide

Fabrication is the process of making objects from different materials like carbon, bronze, and steel. In the past, bronze was used to manufacture coins and errors for battles, but after the industrial revolution, the iron-age culture replaces with Steel Fabricated Products. From small coins to big machines, all of them are the result of the Structural Steel Fabrication process, and if we talk about commonly used materials, steel is one of the most useable. To get remarkable results during fabrication, it is essential to choose a suitable metal, and steel has indeed given accurate results.

How to explain Structural Steel Fabrication?

Structural steel fabrication is essential for construction buildings, and the process can transform raw steel into valuable construction goods and items. Different types of raw steel are used in construction, and structural steel fabrication makes it accessible through its process.  The steel melts down and transforms into a new shape. Steel is one of the metals famous for its high sustainability; therefore, it is preferably used in building materials.

Many people mix up the fabrication process with welding, which is different. Fabrication consists of many steps, but welding is a process of assembling things. The use of steel fabricated objects in routine life is expected, and we have many things around us like:

  1. Building structures
  2. Staircases
  3. Kitchen appliances
  4. Cookware
  5. Furniture
  6. Storage tanks
  7. Escalators
  8. Vehicles
  9. Aircraft subassemblies

The things mentioned above are just a few, but structural steel fabricated products are everywhere.

What type of steel metal is used in fabrication?

Metal Fabrication is a vast topic, but when we talk about steel fabrication, only a few types of steel are included in the discussion. The selection of steel depends on the requirement of the project and its properties. For example, stainless steel and structural steel are two different types of steel, and experts choose them according to the project’s requirements. For your assistance, we can explain these two types so you can understand the difference.

  • Stainless Steel

When the need comes to choosing the metal for durability, stainless steel always prefers by experts. Stainless steel has a natural silver mirror coating, making it an ideal choice for surgical items. Today it has wide use in culinary as well, where you can get cooking utensils and other kitchen tools. Hygiene is another property that makes it prominent among other choices. Moreover, it can be transformed into any shape and get hundreds of designs and options.

  • Structural Steel

Structural steel is widely used in steel fabrication as it has carbon and iron binding. Carbon gives it strength and toughness; therefore, structural steel fabricated products are used in the weaponry industry and construction field. Another feature is its versatility and availability, so if you want to construct a rigid building, don’t forget to choose structural steel.

Well, after a brief difference, let’s look at the advantages of using steel for fabrication. Get started now.

Reason for Fabricating Structural Steel

Steel is an in-demand choice if we specifically talk about fabricated products for the construction site. It has the sustainable property that makes it the perfect choice for building material; therefore, it can preferably use in the fabrication process. Let’s talk about its advantages.

  • Durability and strength

Steel is one of the metals that have weather resistance ability. No matter how cold or hot the weather can get, steel maintains its strength and durability for a long time. Especially in commercial building structures, steel is chosen only because of its toughness. It can hold the building structure in any condition and survive any problematic situation.

  • Potential for customization

Structural steel fabrication is considered helpful because of its customization option. The object can be transformed in any shape, and steel makes it happen. Not only in commercial building sites, but steel is famous for its wide array of designs and ability to transform into any form quickly.

  • Environment-Friendly metal

After its prominent sustainability feature, steel is also known for its eco-friendly properties. The steel fabricated product can be transformed into any other shape and object with the help of recycling. For a neat and clean environment, it is essential to always choose recyclable metal like steel. It will also decrease the demand for searching for new reserves of steel and only depend on recycled ones.

  • Cost-effective

The project’s cost is the main factor, and if you don’t choose the right thing, it will cost you a lot. Steel always comes first if we compare the cost and durability of any metal for structural fabrication. Steel stays for a long time and reduces the cost of replacement and new construction.

To understand the structural steel fabrication process, here we are going to explain it.

The procedure of Structural Steel Fabrication:

Structural steel fabrication is a process that requires resources and skills to complete it. Here we are going to elaborate complete process. Let’s have a look.

  • Start with an idea

The design team comes up with a creative idea and presents it to the client. The structural steel products are manufactured based on the requirement and demands of the client; therefore, the team gives different options. After the approval, the design moves to the next step.

  • Blueprint

The visual blueprint of the product’s final design requires specifications and code compliances, so the designer team creates it through different software.

  • Cutting

The two primary forms of structural steel are as follows:

  • Shaped steel

They have shaped like H, U, and C, and these components are modified from billets. They are also available in different or customized sizes. The shaped steel notify as H350, H450, H150, etc.

  • Steel structure

The components’ composite steel structures and wings or abdominal plates are cut from raw steel plates. The basic thicknesses would be 6mm, but with the specified machine, the thicker sheet can be cut into the required size and shape.

So, the structural steel fabricators or experts take the blueprint of the required product and cut the steel using different methods. There are a few methods that are used to transform a steel sheet into a steel fabricated product:

  1. Shearing
  2. Sawing
  3. Chiseling
  4. Plasma cutting
  5. Water jet cutting
  6. Laser cutting and many others

The safety hazard requires a closed manufacturing facility to complete the whole cutting procedure. The step is complete after getting the product’s shape from the structural steel fabricators.

Piece Carving

Every part of the steel gets a code or number, so when the product goes to the assembly line, it will be easy to assemble. The manual input, machines, and techniques are utilized during this process.

Product Assembly

It is one of the integral parts of the structural steel fabrication process, where all the product parts are assembled under a mechanism. The welding process began with assembling different parts to transform into a final product.

Shipping Preparation

The final product packaging for the shipment and sent to a different location. Here are some products delivered fully assembled, but due to safety reasons, vast and heavy structural steel fabricated items sent in parts. When the client gets the delivery, the parts can be assembled manually.

It seems a simple structural steel fabrication process, but in reality, it takes expertise and hard work; even the machines do the job.

Types of Metal Finishes:

Steel itself is a shiny metal, but to enhance the shine, beauty, and durability, the fabricators do different types of metal coating. Some of them are as follows:


It gives shine and smoothness to the surface. The polishing is also available in different types like:

  1. Bright metallic sheen
  2. Dull matte finish
  3. Rough textured finish

Some polishes are for final delivery, but some are used to prepare the surface for different finishes and fabrication.

Powder Coating:

It is an exciting process where the power spreads on the surface of the metal and heats up until the power fuses to the surface. Usually, this process is applied when different designs, textures, and colors need to create on the surface.


It’s an advanced technique where the metal surface gets a protective oxide layer with the help of electrical currents. In other benefits, this process can increase the corrosion resistance of a metal, insulate the metal and improve wear resistance.

Moreover, in other metal finishing, chroming and plating are also included.

Uses of Structural Steel Fabrication:

Structural steel is an on-demand component of the modern age; without it, we can’t even think about constructing anything. The use of structural steel is everywhere and in all industries, including:

Construction Industries:

Steel fabrication has a massive impact on the construction industry. The steel products like:

  1. Steel beams
  2. Steel plates of different shapes like H, L,I so on
  3. Girders

The foundation of any building cannot be complete without structural steel fabricated goods and things.

Manufacturing Industries:

Structural steel has a significant share in manufacturing industries. Many products like:

  1. Industrial stairs
  2. Platforms
  3. Steel ladders
  4. Mezzanines
  5. Steel handrails and many other things

All of the products mentioned above are produced by steel fabrication.

Energy Industry:

The steel fabricated products are highly in demand in the energy industries, and they rely on structural steel fabrication products, including:

  1. Transmission towers
  2. Pipelines
  3. Wind turbines
  4. Oil and gas well platforms
  5. Nuclear plants

All the items mentioned above are manufactured through different methods.

Mining Industry:

The mining industry relies on structural steel fabricated products for its infrastructure and process. Different steel structures that are used in mining are manufactured, including:

  1. Fittings
  2. Pipes
  3. Grating
  4. Rods
  5. Beams
  6. Rails

These are some of the products that are widely used in the mining process.

Shipbuilding & Aerospace Industries:

These two industries have heavily relied on steel fabrication products, and structural steel fabrication plays its role from a small to a massive part of farriers and aircraft. The products like:

  1. Recreational boats
  2. Supertankers
  3. Aircraft parts

All of them required quality steel fabrication.

Automotive industry:

Structural steel fabrication is one of the essential parts of the automotive industry, where they produce automotive engines and many other things.

In short, steel fabricated products are highly in-demand and have a huge impact on every industry.

Expert Company:

If we talk about structural steel fabrication and its process, it’s not an easy job. Learning this skill will take years of experience and the supervision of experts. Only an expert and well-known steel fabricator service provider can fulfill any client’s requirement.

Only an expert company can take the responsibility to deliver excellent and high-quality structural steel fabrication service. For satisfactory steel fabricated products, you must rely on the experts like Al Safrik Steel. The company offers reliable structural steel fabricated products you can purchase or order online.

You can get the customization option and order the product of your choice. The company will deliver your desired product on time. We assure you that you will never go anywhere once you check our quality service. We have hundreds of satisfied clients, and we have a trustworthy bond.

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