Storage Cages in Dubai

What are Storage Cages and why are they used?

Storage cages, as the name implies, are large containers used to store things. They are also known as stackers. They are usually made of metal and are used to keep things organized safe and secure. It is an effective way of organizing things as they can be stacked over one another. This comes in handy in tight spaces where there is not a lot of room to play with. These are widely used for things that need to be stored but secured as well. For example, you can keep a gas container in a storage cage. That way it is secure as well as organized. It can easily be accessed when needed but the cage denies unauthorized access. Storage cages can be used for multiple things.

What are the common types of Storage Cages?

Storage cages are divided into two major categories:

  • Open Storage Cages
  • Closed Storage Cages

Open storage cages allow easy access. Their main purpose is to organize things while keeping them in well-built storage space. Such cages can be seen in hardware shops etc. where the main goal is to keep the tools organized in a safe storage area. However, if you want to store things but are worried about the safety of your things you can use a closed cage. Such cages are closed, unlike open storage cages. Their main goal is to keep the items safe from theft etc. These types of cages are not suitable for conditions where you need frequent access to the things put inside.

A good example can be an office space where you need frequent access to the supplies. In this case, if the items are put inside, it wouldn’t serve the purpose well. An open storage cage would be more suitable in this case.

The cages are further divided into wire partitioned and welded wire partitioned cages. Wire partitioned can prove to be a good option if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution. Such types of cages although cost-effective are not as durable as welded wire partitioned cages. To add durability, we use welded wire partitioned cages. They are more suitable for heavy storage materials. If you’re looking for durable storage options, welded wire partitioned cages should be your go-to option.

Last but not the least, storage cages are categorized on the basis of the material used. Cages are available in both aluminum and steel build. Aluminum-built cages are suitable for scenarios where weight is an important factor. These cages are lightweight and should be considered if the cages aren’t supposed to store heavy materials. Steel-built storage cages are more durable. They are more suitable for heavy storage requirements.

Al-Safrik Steel builds only the best kind of Storage Cages. We manufacture steel-built cages that provide extra durability. Our storage cages can be used for both light and heavy material requirements. They are durable enough to easily bear heavy weight loads.

Identifying the right type of Storage Cage for your needs:

A correct way to identify the right storage cage is by first identifying your needs. Whether you need an open cage or a closed one, the correct size, etc. If you need to store heavy items in the cage, a storage cage that does not support heavy items would be a terrible option. These are some of the things you need to remember while purchasing a storage cage.

Al-Safrik Steel manufactures all types and all sizes of storage cages. Catering to the storage needs of Qatar, Oman, and other Middle Eastern countries, we make the best quality storage cages. We use 100% steel in our products to ensure durable and long-lasting products. Get yours today!

Setting up a Storage Cage

Storage cages can be easily set up. Al-Safrik Steel manufactures storage cages in UAE in  that are durable and easy to work with. You can set them up yourself if you feel confident. Follow the steps listed below to set up your storage cages:

  • Decide a space where you want to put your storage cage.
  • Carefully unpack the cage.
  • Put your cage in your desired location.

Why should you use Storage Cages?

Storage cages provide many benefits. Some are listed below:

  • They are a secure way of storing your valuable items.
  • They keep the workplace organized.
  • Improved security of work site.
  • They are extremely useful in using the most of small spaces.
  • They are durable.
  • Closed storage cages secure valuable items.
  • Easy movability.

Al-Safrik Steel’s Storage Cages:

Al-Safrik Steel is a UAE-based company. We provide all sorts of products, storage cages being one of them. Our products are made keeping Middle Eastern customers in mind. We only use the best materials in manufacturing our products. Usage of 100 % steel speaks for the durability and long-lasting of our products. Our storage cages are suitable for a wide range of weight capacities i.e., 2 x 13 kg, 15 kg, 18 kg, and 19 kg.

Our storage cages come in different designs. We make sure to keep all sorts of needs in mind while manufacturing our products. Hence, we have cages that are more office, and warehouse oriented as they have multiple shelves. The other type is more focused on heavy-duty stuff as it comes with padded locks and hinged doors.

How our products set us apart?

All products perfectly and smartly build yet simple designs that just get the job done speak volumes about the quality of our products. To go one step further, we provided galvanized as well as painted storage cages. It is all about personal preference in the end as all our cages are equally good for both interior as well as exterior usage. We make sure to provide the most premium products that both look good and perform well. Gone are the days of ugly-looking cages. Our powder-coated cages blend in perfectly with your workspace. Need a storage cage? Purchase your ultra-durable storage cages to fulfill your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to secure my gas cylinders?

Gas cylinders that are on the public property need to be secured. This is a requirement by the Health and Safety regulatory authority. The best way to secure them is by placing them in a closed storage cage. Not only gas cylinders but anything that resides outside on your property should be kept in storage cages. This protects them from unauthorized usage, theft, etc.

  1. Do I need a cage with a painted finish or galvanized finish?

Painted finish storage cages are meant to be used in indoor environments. This is because depending on the type and quality of paint used, they may show signs of corrosion if used outside. Galvanized finish is tougher in this regard and is meant to withstand the harsh outside conditions such as sunlight, weather, etc. Painted finish storage cages can however be used outside. Al-Safrik steel manufactures both painted as well as galvanized storage cages. We are committed to fulfilling both your indoor as well as outdoor storage needs.

  1. Why do I need Storage Cages on a construction site?

Storage cages can be used on a construction site in multiple ways. Construction job involves the usage of tools that should not be left unattended. If workers are uncareful around them, they can hurt themselves. For the overall safety of the construction site, the tools should be put in cages. Here are some of the benefits of using storage cages on a construction site:

  • They ensure that your materials are transported around the construction site in a safer way. Goods storage cages are an effective way of storing construction materials. They can easily carry heavy items as well while keeping them in a boxed cage. This way tools, especially the ones that have sharp edges, blades, etc., can be safely stored until they are needed again.
  • Organizing the equipment and construction material in a storage cage, allows you to access them from one place when needed. This way a lot of time can be saved. Instead of looking around for the tools, you can find them in one place. This makes the overall job easier and quicker as it saves a lot of time.
  • Directly using machinery such as forklifts around the construction materials can cause them to be damaged if not careful around them. Using wooden pallets is also a good way of carrying things, but they are prone to break. This can add to your work and make your site messy. Storage cages are steel built, and they are not prone to breaking. You can use your machinery around them without any fear, but some caution would be appreciated.
  1. How can I make my Storage Cages more secure?

Storage cages are very durable in construction. Al-Safrik Steel manufactures cages from steel. This makes our cages more durable. However, depending on the type of purpose you need your cage for, you should invest in a closed storage cage. These types of cages are more secure than open cages. In case you still feel like adding more security to your cage, you can always add a padded lock. This way only the people that have a key to the lock can access things put inside your cage. This is especially effective for outside usage of the cage, where your cage is prone to unauthorized access.

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