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What is a Man Basket? A Complete Guide

Man baskets are widely used on constructions sites. Apart from construction, they can be used in all areas where worker transportation is a challenge. They come in handy in safely transporting workers. They are used in places where workers need to work on an altitude where a ladder is not reachable. For Example: A big building etc. Synonyms used for man baskets are: work platforms, safety cages, work baskets etc. to name a few. These baskets are either attached to a crane or a forklift, depending on the height the workers need to reach. Only operators who are certified to operate the baskets, are allowed to.

Man baskets in Dubai come in various sizes depending on the number of people you want to fit inside. To ensure the safety of the workers, the baskets are equipped with safety rails / walls. They ensure that the workers do not fall off the baskets, while performing their jobs. Moreover, depending on the capacity of the manbaskets, they all have a certain weight limit that needs to be strictly followed.

Al-Safrik Steel manufactures good quality man baskets that are compliant with all the international safety standards. We use 100% steel in all our products that make them ultra-durable and reliable. We have a wide range of manbaskets to choose from depending on what you need.

Constructions features of a Man Basket:

Man baskets are manufactured with the following construction features:

  • For the safety of the workers, they include side rails. These ensure that the workers don’t fall off the man baskets, even if they experience some swing in the air.
  • Swing-in doors for easy access. The workers can easily get on and get off the basket during the jobs. This makes it an easier of a job for the workers.
  • Locking Pins. These pins are very important for the safety of the man baskets as they lock them to the lift. Essentially, the role of the pins is to keep the manbaskets in place.
  • 02 harness hook points. They are used for the balanced carrying of the manbaskets. The 02 hook points distribute the weight of the man baskets evenly and thus keep them balanced. These hook points come in handy when the baskets are to be lifted with the help of a crane.
  • Kick plates on all sides. The use of kick plates protects the baskets from damage.
  • Al-Safrik Steel manufactures man baskets that come in two weight variations, a 500 kg and a 250 kg man basket. This way you can choose the less weight capacity manbasket if you don’t require a heavy job. The 500 kg man basket should be suitable for you should you require a heavier job.

What are the safety requirements of a Man Basket?

Man Baskets can be a dangerous tool if not manufactured and used according to the proper safety standards and regulations. To ensure the safety of the workers, following are some of the safety requirements related to manbaskets:

  • They should be designed according to the proper standards. You should always avoid baskets that do not come with safety rails / walls. Nowadays all good quality man baskets come with safety rails. However, if you come across one that does not have them, avoid them at all costs. Using baskets that are not according to the standards just for the sake of saving money, can land you in a lot of trouble as well.
  • When suspended in air, the baskets can be subjected to swinging due to winds etc. This can prove to be very dangerous and lead to fatal accidents. To mitigate this threat and to control the swinging, all man baskets should be equipped with two guide lines. They will drastically improve the overall stability of your man basket when in air. This is not only good for the safety of your workers, but also boosts their confidence in the machinery they’re using.
  • The lifting gear of a manbasket proves as crucial of a roll as any other equipment. One should make sure that their lifting gear is in pristine condition and totally damage free. This is because the lifting gear is subjected to a lot of weight and tension. If the lifting gear itself is damaged, it can break and cause the basket to fall down. This can lead to a fatal accident. While using machineries that include the involvement of workers / operators, safety should be of paramount importance. Al-Safrik Steel manufactured heavy duty products that have high quality parts. We make sure that all the small pieces are made to perfection.
  • The man baskets should have their load bearing capacity clearly written on them. This is very important as sometimes, workers forget what the capacity of the basket is. If it is written clearly and visible to them every time they use it, it will help them follow safe weight limits properly. Moreover, this is a safety requirement and should be followed strictly.
  • Proper load testing should be done every time a man basket is to be sent on a job. This is a very simple process and can be done using a sand bag. Just put a sand bag or related capacity load before sending workers out on a job. In some cases your man basket can have capacity of more people. In such cases the weight should be equivalent to the weight of the workers it will be carrying.
  • Angle of the wire rope sling should be more than 45 degrees. This is an important point to ensure. It is because whenever a weight is hanging from a sling, it is subjected to tension and stress. If the angle of the sling is less than 45 degrees it will be subjected to maximum stress, which can cause the sling to break.
  • The workers must only wear approved fall protection equipment when on a manbasket. This can prove to be life saving in case of an accident. For Example: In case a worker or a man basket falls due to any reason.

Al-Safrik Steel is proud to be compliant with all the safety rules and regulations. Worker safety and client satisfaction is very important to us. For that purpose we only use the best quality materials for manufacturing our products and all our products are safe to use. However, it must be noted that workers should also follow all safety rules strictly while operating these equipment’s.

What are the benefits of using a Man Basket?

Man baskets are widely used in construction sites, mining sites, in glass cleaning jobs of big building etc. to name a few. Using them comes with a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Man baskets make the job easy. The transportation of workers becomes safe and quick. Instead of using a makeshift lift that poses danger to the safety of workers, man baskets are a great tool. They not only make you look professional but also insinuate confidence in the workers. In many countries such as Dubai, Qatar, and other Middle Eastern countries, the use of improper lifts is illegal. Al-Safrik Steel manufactures man baskets that are not only durable but also compliant with all the safety laws. We provide all the features to keep your workers safe and secure while they’re doing their job.
  • Since they have a secure design, man baskets are some times used for rescue services as well. Often times they are used to rescue people from a burning building etc. This proves that the man baskets can be used for a wide range of jobs. They are not only confined to be used in construction jobs etc.
  • They are a much better alternative to ladders. Climbing up ladders takes time. If you have an industrial setup, man baskets can prove to be very beneficial for you as well.

What Al-Safrik Steel has to offer?

Al-Safrik Steel manufactures 100% steel products in the UAE. Our products are widely used in the Middle Eastern countries such as Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc. to name a few. We take great pride in our highly quality products as they are highly durable and reliable. We believe to make your jobs easy by manufacturing state of the art equipment. 100% steel products mean they last longer and are more durable than others.

Our man baskets are compliant with all the safety laws. This shows how committed we are for providing the best products to our customers. Our manbaskets come in different sizes and variations. You can choose between them according to your needs and requirements.

A Word from our engineering team:

We are committed to providing the best products. However, one important thing to note is that all types of machines require maintenance. To get the most out of your equipment, make sure to service and maintain your machines regularly. Inspecting the baskets and their components for wear and replacing them is crucial for the safety of you and your workers. Regular maintenance not only elongates the life span of your machinery but also provides you with an amazing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the safety factor for a man basket?

The safety factor for a man basket is 7:1. All activities related to man baskets are classified as critical. For the safety of the workers, load test and risk assessment must be done prior to using the manbaskets.

  1. How much does a man basket weigh?

Man baskets differ in the amount of weight they can carry. A single man basket can weigh around 300 lbs. or 136 kgs. However, the man baskets manufactured by Al-Safrik Steel come in two different variations: 250 kg and 500 kg. These are ample for all sorts of light as well as heavy jobs.

  1. What are the safe wind speeds for crane operations?

Irrespective of the wind speeds, all jobs that include the use of man baskets should be performed cautiously. However, the safe wind limit for crane operations lies between 0 – 20 mph. However, if winds exceed 40 mph all operations must be shut down. That is because this is considered as unsafe wind speed for crane operations. They can cause damage to their surroundings and to the workers. For that purpose, all operations must be stopped and boom must be retracted if winds exceed 40 mph.

  1. How many types of man baskets are there?

Man baskets come in a wide variety. There is no specific number as they can be customized according to your needs. Generally, they are classified on the basis of weight and the number of people they can carry. Since they can be used for multiple jobs, there is no specific type of man basket for a specific type of job.

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